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Shipboard Photographer (Sales Experience a MUST)


Onboard Revenue


Norwegian Cruise Line, one of the fastest growing cruise lines and an industry leader is currently seeking highly-motivated, customer-service and sales-oriented Photographers to work onboard our beautiful Pride of America ship based in Hawai'i. We are a fun and energetic group with a professional, positive working environment and culture!


Up to 24 months schooling in basic photography with at least 12 months practical experience is needed for this position. If no formal qualifications, reasonable experience will be taken into consideration.


A 2 year college degree in any discipline + Strong cover letter. Must have excellent English, written and spoken skills with ability to learn all areas of the photo business. Where no formal qualification exists, relative experience will be taken into consideration.


Successful photographer's will have strong organizational and interpersonal skills, excellent verbal and written communication skills and be able to meet and exceed department service goals.


Successful candidates will possess the ability to sell cruise vacations photos packages in order to generate and increase revenue. Candidates will be highly motivated, detail-oriented, have the ability to adapt to change with a can-do attitude Must be able to work well under pressure and work efficently in a fast paced sales environment


POSITION SUMMARY: Photographing daily events, including, but not limited to embarkation, gangways, dining rooms, portraits and any other special event that would require a photographer to be present to document the event(s). Processing and selling of all photo-revenue related products in the photo gallery, selling of sales items such as, batteries, film, digital media, single-use cameras, digital cameras and any other items in the photo inventory. In order to consistently exceed guest expectations and provide the highest levels of product and services, additional duties and responsibilities may be assigned as needed. ATTRIBUTES: • Must be sharp, personable, responsive, witty, humorous, and socially capable, interested in performing as a photographer, and creatively minded • Passion for imaging and a team player with forward driven results in mind • Passionate about hospitality and customer service driven • Must be customer-focused and be comfortable in dealing with the general public on a daily basis • Photographers must own and bring your own digital camara kit • Must have a professional appearance and good hygiene • Respect for all co-workers and guests • Pride in your work by creating positive energy, excitement and fun • Able to work 7 days a week • Demonstrate positive behaviors; smiling, being polite and courteous • Able to develop a camaraderie with team members • Ability to live in close quarters, share limited space with other cabin-mates

Special Requirements:

PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) requires all crew members employed with NCL America aboard the Pride of America to hold a Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC). In order to qualify for a MMC, applicants must demonstrate the following physical abilities necessary to perform shipboard duties per USCG guidelines (COMPDTPUB 16700.4 NVIC 04-8). If the applicant has a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40.0 or higher, or if the verifying medical practitioner doubts the applicants ability to successfully perform any of the following functions, a suitable practical demonstration is required for those functions. The verifying medical practitioner, in consultation with any other qualified practitioners he/she deems appropriate, determines whether a practical demonstration is necessary, and whether the applicant is physically competent or not physically competent. • Is able to maintain a sense of balance without disturbance while walking and standing • Is able to climb up and down vertical ladders and stairways • Is able to step over a door sill or coaming up to 24 inches in height • Is able to move through a restricted opening of 24 inches by 24 inches • Is able to open and close watertight doors that weigh up to 55 pounds. Must be able to move hands/arms in vertical and horizontal directions, rotate wrists and reach above shoulder height to turn handles • Is able to lift at least a 40 pound load off the ground, and to carry, push or pull the same load • Is able to grasp and manipulate common tools such as wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers and pliers • Is able to crouch, kneel and crawl • Is able to distinguish differences in texture and temperature by feel • Is able to intermittently stand on feet for up to four hours with minimal rest periods • Is able to react to visual alarms and instructions • Is able to react to audible alarms and instructions • Is capable of normal conversation • Is able to pull an uncharged 1.5 inch diameter, 50’ fire hose with nozzle to full extension, and to lift a charged 1.5 inch diameter fire hose to firefighting position • Is physically able to put on a Personal Flotation Devise (PFD) without assistance from another individual • Has no physical limitations that would hinder or prevent the performance of duties


For immediate consideration, please apply online with "PHOTOPAM" on the subject line at: mailto: Send Us Your Resume
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