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Canada & New England Cruises: Explore Our Port Cities

Discover the ports of Norwegian Cruise Line's Canada & New England.



Baltimore is a city rich in Patriotic American history near Washington, D.C. It's where Francis Scott Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner. Mount Vernon square has the first monument to George Washington and is home to 19th century buildings turned into museums, galleries and shops. Federal Hill Main Street is lively in spirit with plenty of antique shops, beer pubs and restaurants to visit. Nearby trips to Washington DC and Annapolis offer unlimited sightseeing opportunities.

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor

This coastal attraction has retained much of its charm since its glory days of the 1900s, when America's elite vacationed here in opulent summer cottages. Surrounding the rock-bound harbor is the world-famous Acadia National Park where the opulence of nature is on display.

Boston Embarkation Port


Welcome to an American city where history truly does come to life. Be sure to visit Bunker Hill Monument, Paul Revere's House, the Old North Church, Quincy Market and the mansions of Beacon Hill. Then wander Boston Common, the oldest public park in the U.S.

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Opulent clapboard villas lead the way towards Charlottetown's beautiful Victoria Park. Color is everywhere - from the Victorian architecture to the red sandstone cliffs. Sample homemade island jams, visit the Anne of Green Gables homestead and stroll the boardwalk.

Corner Brook

Corner Brook

This corner of the world has been visited by many, beginning with the Maritime Archaic Indians 3,500 years ago. Since that time Eskimos, Portuguese, Basques and Captain James Cook have frequented the area. Today, Corner Brook is a modern, city nestled among scenic hills near the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Gaspésie, Quebec
Gaspésie, Quebec

Gaspésie, Quebec

Located in eastern Quebec, Canada, the Gaspe Peninsula is renowned as one of the world's most beautiful destinations. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the diverse landscape here, from stunning national parks, mountains and meadows to rugged cliffs lining the Atlantic coast, teeming with wildlife habitats.

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Admire the rugged coastline that surrounds Halifax, the world's second-largest natural harbor. This beautifully preserved city is Nova Scotia's capital and was founded in 1749. Take steps through history and climb to The Citadel to witness the Old Town Clock.

La Baie, Quebec

La Baie, Quebec

The city of Saguenay, formed in 2002, is comprised of three boroughs: La Baie, Chicoutimi and Jonquiere. Chicoutimi and Jonquiere are situated on the shores of the Saguenay river and La Baie is found on the whimsically named, the Baie des Ha Ha! This French-speaking region is north of Quebec City and is considered a small oasis in the midst of the nearly uninhabited Canadian wilderness.

New York Embarkation Port
New York

New York

Everyone loves New York and there are a million reasons why. Here are but a few: the Statue of Liberty, the
Empire State Building, Grand Central Station, the Ellis Island National Monument, the Brooklyn Bridge, the
Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Guggenheim Museum, Times Square, Broadway, Greenwich Village, 5th
Avenue and Central Park.


During the 19th century, Newport served as the summer playground for the rich and famous. Residents displayed their fabulous wealth in the form of palatial estates overlooking the Atlantic. Today, these extraordinary and meticulously maintained homes line the city's famed "Mansion Row" and are a must-see for any visitor.

Things to Know

  • Pinch Me

    If a lobster’s right claw is larger, the lobster is “right-handed.”

  • Good Sense

    Lobsters have poor eyesight, but a fantastic sense of smell.

  • Nice 'tude

    Boston has a latitude similar to Barcelona, Rome and Istanbul.

  • Revere Rhyme

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote the poem about Paul Revere.

  • Cross Talk

    Canada has two official languages – English and French.

  • Game Time

    Hockey and lacrosse are two of Canada’s national sports.

  • Soup Scoop

    New England Clam Chowder is primarily white in color.