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Canada & New England Cruises: Explore Our Port Cities

Discover the ports of Norwegian Cruise Line's Canada & New England.



During the 19th century, Newport served as the summer playground for the rich and famous. Residents displayed their fabulous wealth in the form of palatial estates overlooking the Atlantic. Today, these extraordinary and meticulously maintained homes line the city's famed "Mansion Row" and are a must-see for any visitor.


Norfolk boasts the world's largest navel base, a busy international port and beautiful historic districts. Waterways abound in this city, with stretches of lake, river and bay fronts you'll have endless sight seeing to do. The battleship U.S.S. Wisconsin and the Hampton Roads Naval Museum gives visitors insight into the cities long navy history. The pedestrian-centric downtown waterfront area is a nice place to stroll and see docked ships, sailboats and tugboats.
Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine

Portland offers all the amenities of a big city: art districts, a vibrant waterfront, museums, parks and diverse shopping opportunities. But within minutes, you can be enjoying the view from an historic lighthouse or tasting a juicy, local lobster.

Quebec City Embarkation Port
Gourmet Quebec by Carriage

Quebec City

Quebec City lies on the Saint Lawrence River and is divided by steep bluffs into Upper Town – which includes the old quarter – and Lower Town. Perched atop Cap-Diamant, the old quarter is the only walled city in North America and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Saint John (Bay of Fundy)

Saint John (Bay of Fundy)

Saint John's history is evident in its weather-worn look, passing the tests of salt air, sea winds and a devastating fire that have all contributed to making Saint John the greatest little city in the east. Be sure to look for your ship in the port against the beauty of the Bay of Fundy from Fort Howe lookout.

Sept-Iles, Canada

Sept-Iles, Canada

Situated on a somewhat circular bay near the St. Lawrence River, modern Sept-Iles was almost built overnight in the mid-20th century by an iron ore company. Alphabetically ordered streets make it easy to navigate to the city's museums and historical centers.


The coal industry brought immigration from many parts of the world, giving Sydney a multicultural mix of over 50 ethnic backgrounds and a global flavor to its history. Located on Cape Breton Island, Sydney is also an ideal jumping-off point for scenic adventures.

Things to Know

  • Pinch Me

    If a lobster’s right claw is larger, the lobster is “right-handed.”

  • Good Sense

    Lobsters have poor eyesight, but a fantastic sense of smell.

  • Nice 'tude

    Boston has a latitude similar to Barcelona, Rome and Istanbul.

  • Revere Rhyme

    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote the poem about Paul Revere.

  • Cross Talk

    Canada has two official languages – English and French.

  • Game Time

    Hockey and lacrosse are two of Canada’s national sports.

  • Soup Scoop

    New England Clam Chowder is primarily white in color.