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Europe Cruises: Explore Our Port Cities

Discover Norwegian Cruise Line’s European cruise ports.

Alesund, Norway
coastal houses, Alesund, Norway

Alesund, Norway

One of Norway's most beautiful towns, renowned for its Jugend-style architecture and art nouveau style. Cruise visitors will immediately notice Alesund's unique layout, as it is built on islands extending to the sea, and offers scenic views of fjords and the Sunnmore Alps. Alesund is the fishing capital of Norway. Explore more of Alesund on a European cruise!
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam Riverside

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Affectionately known as the "Venice of the North," Amsterdam is actually situated below sea level and built entirely on stakes driven into the ground. The Anne Frank House, The Hague and a Delft Blue Pottery Factory are but a few of the sights that await your arrival. Explore more of Amsterdam on a European cruise!
Arrecife (Lanzarote), Canary Islands

Arrecife (Lanzarote), Canary Islands

The capital of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, Arrecife (which means “reef” in Spanish) is renowned for its abundance of reefs and islets along its coast. If your cruise takes you to Arrecife, be sure to explore this island's many natural wonders, from the fabulous El Reducto beach to the craters, lava tunnels, canals and tubes of Los Volcanes Nature Park. Explore more of Arrecife on a European cruise!
Athens (Piraeus), Greece
Athens Scenic Coast

Athens (Piraeus), Greece

This is the cradle of civilization, the oldest city in Europe. Not only is this city home to the Acropolis and some of the most important architectural structures and archaeological finds in the Western world, It is also a very modern city, an urban amalgam of extraordinary art, culture, cuisine and shopping. Explore more of Athens on a European cruise!
Barcelona, Spain Embarkation Port

Barcelona, Spain

The capital of Catalonia, and one of its provinces, Barcelona, is a place of palpable history, where you can lose yourself strolling down the medieval streets of the Barri Gotic. It's a city designed to delight the senses: visit other-worldly Modernista churches like Gaudi's La Pedrera, or treat yourself at a street side cafe to Patatas Bravas or a Passion Fruit Mojito. Explore more of Barcelona on a European cruise!
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Exploring Belfast is a treat for urban fans. The city is rife with trendy cafés, restaurants, and nightlife yet it also boasts a lovely historical district. While the city is packed with things to do, rural landscapes are within a short reach.
Bergen, Norway
City Portside

Bergen, Norway

View this lovely and charming Norwegian city from your cruise ship and you'll see how the city is nestled between seven mountains, seven fjords and the North Sea. The Norwegian King resided here, and many historical events took place in this busy port. These events come alive when you amble down the old streets of Bryggen, past picturesque, wooden buildings and the Romanesque-style St. Mary's church. Explore more of Bergen on a European cruise!
Berlin (Rostock), Germany

Berlin (Rostock), Germany

Rostock is the largest city in the north German state Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the newest port addition to our European destinations.
Berlin (Warnemunde), Germany
berlin from all sides

Berlin (Warnemunde), Germany

It's been more than two decades since the walls came down and Berlin became unified in many ways, including the pursuit of joy. Germany's capital city is a city that balances cosmopolitan chic with a liberal undercurrent of creativity and cool. Famous landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag fascinate. The elegant Bavarian Quarter amazes.
Cannes, France

Cannes, France

Drive up Suquet Hill for a view of the city, sea and Lerins Island - fabulous dahling! How many rich and famous can you spot, walk the palm-lined promenade de la Croisette and count. The French Riviera at its best...the International Film Festival calls this home. Explore more of Cannes on a European cruise!

Things to Know

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    Traveling during fall & winter months will offer a unique perspective on Europe with less crowds at the most popular landmarks.
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  • Shopping in Denmark

    In Copenhagen you can stroll Strøget, one of the longest shopping streets in Europe with everything from budget friendly outlets to high-end shops.
  • Architecture in Barcelona

    Barcelona's famed architect, Antoni Gaudí, inspired the term "gaudy" with his unique and highly individualistic designs.
  • The Gondolas of Venice

    After completing special training and passing a rigorous exam, Gondolier licenses are only issued annually.
  • See the Sea

    No part of Greece is more than 85 miles from the sea.
  • Hair Affair

    In ancient Egypt, pharaohs never let their hair be seen.
  • Mouth Mouse

    Spain has no 'tooth fairy," they have a "tooth mouse."
  • Falling Down

    The Saxons destroyed the historic London Bridge in 1014.
  • Walk Talk

    The width of Monaco could be walked in less than an hour.
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