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11-Day Transatlantic from Miami

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    Norwegian Epic

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Norwegian Yes, Epic No

By vagabond
May 27, 2014

Norwegian Yes, Epic No
Norwegian Yes, Epic No
We enjoyed the Spirit so much we decided to cruise again 4 months after returning home from Barcelona. Since I have always wanted to do a Transatlantic, we booked the 11 day from Miami to Barcelona. Another passenger on the Spirit had told us not to take the Epic because it is too big, 4100 passengers is just too many, the restaurants and theater do not have the capacity. We should have listened to him because everything he said was true. It was difficult to find seating at the Garden Café buffet no matter what time of the day we were there. The Manhattan Room was always packed. On lobster night, we just did a Do It Yourself room service as it was feeling like we were refugees in a camp and the United Nations food truck arrived after 4 months of nothing. The jogging track is on Deck 7 where we had to breathe kitchen fumes (I knew exactly what was on the menu each day) while walking back and forth. I never thought any ship would have a track that is not on the top deck. The library was incredibly small and there was not a single book in English. I didn't want to spend my cruise trying to learn enough Finnish to read one of the books. There were so many people hogging the seats/chairs everywhere that the air became stuffy and I got claustrophobic. We love NCL, but will not voluntarily take the Epic again. Good decision on the part of management not to build the sister ship.
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