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7-Day Greek Isles from Venice

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    Norwegian Jade

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Greek Island Sampler

By cybercris2
Aug 29, 2014

Greek Island Sampler
Greek Island Sampler Greek Island Sampler Greek Island Sampler Greek Island Sampler Greek Island Sampler
We discovered Greek Coffee in Corfu and swam halfway to Albania! Allison and Dimitri took us on an hour long spectacular horseback ride that ended at the beach. Beginner level riders would enjoy. Guides were on foot so nothing more than a walk. Don't be the lead horse on the first trip or you end up ducking spider webs! Lounging on the beach with the taverna across the street was magnificent. Bring your water shoes for the rocky beach at Corfu. In Santorini we climbed the volcano which was a bit rushed but not too strenuous. The Schooners that take you across the bay to the caldera are a romantic plus. The guides warned us that swimming from the ship to the hot springs would be only for strong swimmers but we found it easy. Fun to jump off the side of the boat....see the lone resident of the island and his goats climbing the hills and great beer on board. In Mykonos we took a beach day. Fabulous sandy beach with huge thatched umbrellas and nice chaise lounges. Taverna close at hand. Good swimming, nice European scenery (read topless) vendors who offer items for sale and foot massages but are not too pushy. The waterfront at Mykonos town is amazing with great shops lining winding stone streets. We spent hours at the Taverna. Next stop Olympia where you are steeped in the history of the ancient Greek Olympics. The park and museum is crowded but worth it. The Olive farm tour makes the day with wine and dancing and what was supposed to be a snack but really was a feast. Leaving Venice and arriving offer views you can't get any other way. On board we enjoyed Carlos who played guitar every night by guest services, the over sized glass floral designs on the ceiling, and specialty dining at Moderno a Brazilian style steakhouse.
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