Never gambled on a cruise before?
Here is a list of the programs that we offer to get you in the casino and playing like a pro!

Launch Party
Approximately one hour after sail away, the casino starts off the cruise with a party offering complimentary drinks and a chance to win a free massage from Mandara Spa.

Special Casino Promotions
The Casino is where it's happening! Be sure to keep your eyes open for the Cashback Promotion, Triple Points, Double Points, Fabulous Drink Specials, and Raffle Drawings. Ask your Casino Staff for more information.

Hospitality Desk
On embarkation day, our Casinos at Sea staff is available for Q & A about the casino and the pre-purchase of tournament entries and promotions. Check Freestyle Daily for times and location.

Gaming Lessons
Free gaming lessons are offered on each sailing for table games and slot. Each participant will receive a free $5 Matchplay coupon that can be used on any even money bet, except 3 Card Poker, Let It Ride or Texas Hold'em.

Win Cards
Learn to play the exciting games of Blackjack, Craps and Roulette. Win Cards are an instructional tri-pack that teaches the basic strategy of the game. Purchase price $5.

Triple Play Chips
For $10, receive $15 in promotional chips. Chips stay in play as long as they win.

Progressive Slot Banks
Banks of machines are linked to offer larger jackpots which continue to progress based on the amount of play on these machines.

Mystery Jackpots
Norwegian Star offers mystery jackpot awards on selected machines that will pay a random bonus, no winning combination needed.

Blackjack Tournament
A “Waves of Cash” Blackjack Tournament is offered on each sailing. The entry fee may vary by ship. Entry fee is generally $15 per person for a chance to win great cash prizes, and re-entry is unlimited for $15 each entry. Multiple sessions during the cruise with a final tournament round.

Slot Tournament
Entry fee may vary from ship to ship. Victory at Sea Tournament is offered on each sailing. Entry fee is generally $15 per person for the chance to win great cash prizes, and re-entry is unlimited for $15 each entry. Multiple sessions during the cruise with a final tournament round.

Texas Hold'em Tournament
The extremely popular Texas Hold'em Tournaments are available on various ships across the fleet (excluding ships with Hawaiian itineraries and the Marco Polo). Two types of tournaments are available: the 10 player version and a no-limit, large pool version with rebuys and add-ons. Entry fees are $60 per person. Please consult your Casino Host for more details.

Spin to Win
Guests, 18 years and older, receive one free pull on the Spin to Win slot machine and a chance to win great prizes. Restrictions apply. Rules and regulations are posted in the casino.

Rules, Regulations & FAQ

Guests must be at least 18 years of age in order to gamble in the casino. NCL does not condone underage gaming. Anyone that cannot provide proof of age on request will be politely asked to vacate the casino.

Freestyle attire is recommended. Shirts and shoes are required.

Cash Access

Travelers’ checks in U.S. currency may be redeemed with valid picture identification.

Quik Cash is available for cash advances with Visa, MasterCard, or JCB. Service fee applies.

The above services are available with the onboard casino cashiers.

ATMs are available for cash withdrawals. Service fee applies.

Casinos at Sea™ offers casino credit lines. For your convenience, you may charge up to $2,000 per day on your onboard account for the purchase of casino chips and tokens without a service charge. If applying for additional credit, the minimum credit application amount is $3,000. Players interested in applying for a credit line must complete an NCL credit application for banking and gaming verification, and a signed, personal check is required to be deposited with the Casino Cage upon activation of the approved credit line. Fax the application to NCL’s casino credit coordinator at 305.468.2023. Please allow at least two weeks for processing and verification. A credit line can also be established on board. See Casino Manager for details.

Gaming tables and slot machines wagers are in U.S. currency only. Table games are played with casino chips, and slot machines may accept U.S. bills or NCL tickets. Cash may be exchanged for gaming chips at the gaming tables. Tokens may be purchased at the casino cashier. At the conclusion of play, chips and tokens may be redeemed for cash/checks with the Casino cashier.

Casino employees may accept tips.

Governing Agency
Casinos at Sea™ is owned and operated by NCL (Bahamas) Ltd, dba NCL. NCL is a member and follows the gaming guidelines and policy statement of the International Council of Cruise Lines (ICCL).

IRS Reporting
W2G or 1042S forms are issued for single slot machine winnings in excess of $1200.00 or a single table wager earning more than 300% return, as in the case of a Caribbean Stud Progressive Jackpot Win.

Federal Income Tax Act stipulates that all American citizens and Permanent Residents are subject to global income tax. Regardless if a US citizen or Permanent Resident earns this income in international waters or with a ship that carries a foreign flag, if income is generated, such income becomes taxable. If a Social Security number is furnished, then the document W2G will be issued with NO upfront tax deduction. If a Social Security number is not furnished, then an upfront withholding tax will apply. Foreign guests will be taxed only if winnings are derived within US domestic waters. Whenever a tax form is issued to the guest, a duplicate copy will be sent to the IRS.

For more information, guests are advised to contact a professional tax advisor. Win/Loss Statements will be provided by NCL on a request basis at the end of the calendar year. All requests should be directed to Casino Operations in writing.

Operating Hours
Hours of operation for each casino vary, based on the itinerary and location of the ship. Most casinos open shortly after sailing. Some casinos may offer 24-hour slot machines. Opening hours are posted outside of the casino, as well as in the Freestyle Daily.

Photographs are permitted in the casino however we request consideration in respecting the privacy of other guests. Video photography is prohibited during casino operating hours.

Cigar and pipe smoking are not permitted in the casino. Every effort will be made to provide a “Non-Smoking” gaming table upon request.


Table Games
The following table games are offered with Casinos at Sea™. Game variety may vary from ship to ship.

Wheel of Madness Blackjack
Bet the Set Blackjack
Roulette – Double Zero
Let it Ride
3 Card Poker
Texas Hold'em
Ultimate Texas Hold'em
Craps w/ 3X 4X 5X Odds
Mini Baccarat
Pai Gow Poker
Pai Gow Tiles/Dominoes

Personal Betting Limits
Players requesting high limits may contact Casino Marketing, prior to their sailing, to negotiate higher limits. Restrictions apply.

Slot Machines
Casinos at Sea™ offers slot machines and video poker machines in denominations ranging from 1¢ to $100. Our casinos offer the latest in multi-denominational multi-game machines, which allows players the flexibility to play at different coin amounts. Many machines also offer bonus features, and progressive jackpots are offered on most ships.

Coinless Slot Machines
Ticket-in Ticket-out (TITO) is currently is being offered on most ships. This coinless system is available on a majority of the machines, which allows players to play on credits from bills, tickets, or coins. The machine dispenses a ticket instead of coin. Tickets can be inserted into any denomination machine that has the coinless function and can be played or cashed out with the casino cashier.


For more information or to apply,
please contact Casino Marketing
toll free at 1.877.PLAY.NCL
or 1.877.752.9625.
Email us: CasinoInquiries@ncl.com