Banana Coast, Honduras

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Banana Coast (Trujillo), Honduras

A new port development bringing the banana boom days back to life, Banana Coast is located in Trujillo, offering a host of retail shops and a 10-acre stretch of beach. Christopher Columbus landed here more than 500 years ago during his last voyage to the Americas performing the first Catholic Mass on the New World mainland. Since then, the area has been a Spanish colony as well as under the control of the Dutch, French, English — and pirates. During the early 20th Century it was the banana export capital of the world peaking at over 8 million stems of bananas shipped annually. Today, visitors can enjoy the sun and sand, and the beautiful tropical rainforest close by. Be sure to see the Santa Bárbara Fort, built in the late 16th century to protect Trujillo from pirates, and the nearby historic British, French and U.S. consulates. Looking for a cruise to Banana Coast? Check out our selection of Caribbean cruises.

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