Ephesus (Izmir), Turkey

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Cruise to Ephesus (Izmir), Turkey

Archaeologically rich, historic Izmir dates back over 5,000 years. Virtually rebuilt from scratch in 1922, Izmir is a booming city today. The ancient city of Ephesus, home to the Artemis Temple and the Zeus Altar, is one of the world's best preserved archaeological sites.

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Ephesus (Izmir), Turkey Highlights

  • Archeological Museum of Ephesus
    This museum featuring artifacts from the ancient city includes famous treasures like the marble statues of the Mother Goddess Artemus.
  • Ancient Agora
    Built for Alexander the Great, it was ruined in an earthquake in AD 178 and rebuilt by the Roman emperor, Marcus Aurelias. Corinthian columns, vaulted rooms and arches, and fragments take you back to the days of the Roman market.
  • Ethnography Museum
    Features ancient pottery, weapons, and items that actually belonged to Ataturk, Turkey’s founder.
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