Cruises to Nafplion, Greece

Many believe that Old Nafplion is one of the most beautiful towns in the entire country with its old mansions, paved paths and Neoclassical feel. But the first capital of Greece is also a convenient jumping-off point to many important ancient sites worth seeing. Explore more of Nafplion on a European cruise!

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Nafplion, Greece Highlights

  • Nauplion Promenade
    Incredible water views, many delightful restaurants, and small carts in the evenings serving hot chestnuts and other treats are some of the highlights of this peaceful and romantic promenade.
  • Palamidi Castle
    Medieval fortress this amazing is worth the 900 steps. The ancient fortress called Palamidi Castle was built by the Venetians, reinforced by the Turks, and enjoyed by thousands of visitors who want to experience the wildflower lined hike to its summit and its astonishing views of the ocean and village.
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