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Pride of America Employment

Be a part of our Hawaii Crew. Sign on with Pride of America and your new address will be the Islands of Hawaii. Live in paradise and choose to work with hundreds of jobs available on board.

Life onboard the Pride of America is a change of Lifestyle and an experience of a lifetime!


  • Your crew cabin has 1, 2, 3, or 4 bunk beds, desk and chair, T.V. and telephone. Space is very tight.
  • Crew members share cabins with 2 or 3 more crewmembers, depending on the entitlements.
  • The cabin must be clean and tidy at all times.
  • Towels and linens will be provided once a week.
  • No guest in cabins! Violation will result in termination / dismissal.


  • All 4 meals will be served at the crew mess.
  • Follow the rules of the mess and always help to keep them clean.

You are not permitted to remove any food or utensils from the mess.


  • Crew uniforms and work clothes will be cleaned free of charge.
  • Laundry machines and dryers are provided free of charge for the crewmembers personal use.


  • The Crew Gym is for all crewmembers available at posted hours.
  • The Crew Shop will provide toiletries, cigarettes, chocolates, and other necessities needed onboard.
  • The Crew Bar operating hours have to be respected. You are not permitted to become inebriated or intoxicated while on board ship. You are not allowed to drink alcohol while on duty. Violation of either of these rules is grounds for dismissal.
  • Crew Welfare will provide crew activities and events for all the crewmembers.
  • Only employed crew members are provided living accommodations onboard.


  • The Internet Café is available for all crewmembers at posted hours. Internet access is available at rea-sonable prices.
  • Phone cards will be available onboard. Also, keep in mind that your phone might work at the different ports. Be careful at sea because international roaming will apply and can be very expensive.
  • Mail arrives once a week to the ship. The mail will be sorted by department and distributed.


  • Your boss will be the head or supervisor of the department. The Captain of the ship is the commander of all and the final decision maker.
  • Career growth is offered through internal promotions. You can apply to the positions onboard as they become available.
  • Numerous trainings will be available onboard to enrich you knowledge in different aspects of the busi-ness.
  • You will get paid bi-weekly onboard and direct deposit is available if desired.


  • Dating fellow crewmembers is allowed.
  • You will have the opportunity to work and make lifelong friends with crewmembers from around the world.
  • Dating guests is not permitted. It will result in termination / dismissal.
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