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Norwegian Cruise Line
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Centro de Comunicaciones de Norwegian
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25422881Abr. 1, 2014
Centro de Comunicaciones de Norwegian
Centro de Comunicaciones de Norwegian
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Centro de Comunicaciones de Norwegian
¡No pierdas tu reserva!
25422881Abr. 1, 2014
Centro de Comunicaciones de Norwegian
Centro de Comunicaciones de Norwegian
¡No pierdas tu reserva!
25422881Abr. 1, 2014
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Blog de viajes oficial de Norwegian

Cruisetours with Norwegian: How to Extend Your Cruise Vacation

Planning a crucero a Alaska o cruceros a Hawái are both experiences that deserve more time. Cruisetours to Alaska and Hawaii are the easiest way to extend your Norwegian Cruise Line vacation. When you’re thinking of visiting two of the most beautiful destinations on Earth, why would you limit yourself to only 7 days? Before we talk about how to extend your vacaciones en crucero in Alaska and Hawaii, let’s talk about why you should take advantage of these incredible opportunities.

Your Cruise Vacation Timeline - Let’s get real about this:

  • You already have time off from work, why not extend it?
  • Your vacation time is precious so you may as well enjoy it, like really enjoy it. Why rush back to work, is it actually that much fun??
  •   7-Day roundtrip cruise is never There will inevitably be something you wanted to see or experience, but didn’t get the chance.
  • A west coast mainland flight to Hawaii is about 6.5 hours in duration. An east coast flight clocks in at 11.5 hours! A flight from Vancouver, BC, to Seward, AK, is 5.5 hours minimum. So, if you’re going to spend all this time flying, why not extend your cruise into an even better experience?
  • You’ll stay in pre-screened deluxe or first-class accommodations
  • The transfer between your hotel and the pier is always included
  • Extra days at a destination means you’ll have more time to explore, experience the culture, and go on adventures with Norwegian’s trusted tour partners. So, why not go for both a sea and land vacation in one uninterrupted trip? Here's how easy it is to do it!
  • And if that’s not enough: think palm trees, pineapples, and Waikiki Beach or glaciers, moose, and deluxe dome rail cars. 
Norwegian Cruise to Alaska

How to Extend Your Cruise Vacation: Alaska

There's plenty to see and do on an Alaska cruise. These land packages are just a sample of what you can expect on your Alaska Cruisetour.

Norwegian Jewel: 11-DAY FAIRBANKS DENALI EXPRESS (2 Nights Fairbanks • 1 Night Denali)

7-Day Glacier Bay Cruise

If you’ve only got a few extra days of vacation to spare, this land tour will help you discover Alaska's history and unique lifestyles including a visit to Denali National Park and an overview of Alaska’s Golden Heart City.

You’ll experience:

  • A riverboat cruise and city tour of Fairbanks including a Trans-Alaska oil pipeline stop
  • An Alaska Railroad Adventure Class from Fairbanks to Denali or Denali to Fairbanks
  • Exploring Denali with 4-hour Natural History bus tour
  • A tour of the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Centre where you will see the animals of Alaska in a natural setting
  • Breve tour por la ciudad de Anchorage
Norwegian Cruise Line Alaska Cruisetours - Whale

Norwegian Jewel: 12-DAY DENALI/ALYESKA EXPLORER (1 Night Anchorage • 2 Nights Denali • 1 Night at Hotel Alyeska)

7-Day Glacier Bay Cruise

This popular land tour is perfect for nature lovers who want to see and experience Alaska's wilderness.

  • Travel the Alaska Railroad on a deluxe dome rail car from Anchorage to Denali or Denali to Anchorage
  • Explora la tundra indómita de Denali en un tour de 7 horas
  • Visita la perrera de un corredor de trineos de la carrera Iditarod para un tour privado
  • Enjoy an overnight stay at the deluxe Hotel Alyeska Resort
  • Tour the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Centre where you will see the animals of Alaska in a natural setting.
Norwegian Cruise Line Cruisetours to Hawaii

How to Extend Your Cruise Vacation: Hawaii

Pride of America: O’ahu Explorer Highlights (3 Nights in Honolulu)

Spend four days and three nights exploring Hawaii before embarking on your Hawaii cruise vacation. You can check off a traditional flower lei greeting, Oahu’s famous North Shore, and a tour of Pearl Harbor before you even step foot on your cruise.

Hawái, ida y vuelta desde Honolulu, 7 días

  • Tour panorámico por la Costa Norte y Costa Sur de O'ahu
  • Polynesian Cultural Centre
  • Pearl Harbour Tour including USS Arizona Memorial, USS Bowfin, USS Missouri, Pacific Aviation Museum, and the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
  • Tour por Kualoa Ranch
  • Recorre Waikiki
  • Guías turísticos locales con experiencia
  • Traslado al puerto de Honolulú
  • Stay at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, steps away from the world- famous Waikiki Beach
  • Local Assistance through the Norwegian Cruise Line Service Centre at the Waikiki Beach Marriott

Whichever experience you choose, Norwegian’s Cruisetours are designed to show you the best of Alaska and Hawaii. Feel free to cross these off your bucket list.