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Chinese Junk Cruise


  • 2.5 horas
  • Recomendado para la familia
  • Comida

Sail a classic Chinese junk around Charlottetown harbor, taking in the views and discovering the history of these vessels with massive rudders that have been used since ancient times.

After a brief walk along the pier, you will board the Hai Long, one of the last junks built in China before Chairman Mao forbid their construction as part of the Cultural Revolution. The all-teak vessel mirrors the junks that first sailed in the 2nd century and later by famed Chinese explorer Zheng He, who commanded an armada of junks. To add to the authenticity, the captain and crew will be dressed in Ming Dynasty costumes.

Before long, you will set off on an enlightening cruise around Charlottetown harbor. Along the way, you will learn how Chinese junks are typically used, unusual facts about their construction, and the history of the Treasure Fleet that Zheng He led while exploring Indian Ocean trade routes.

To become further immersed in the Chinese culture, you will be served traditional Chinese dishes and tea, and you might help prepare a sweet treat for dessert. You will even have the opportunity to dress up in period Chinese clothing for photos.

As you sail around the harbor, you will also enjoy a spectacular view of Charlottetown, which was named in 1763 in honor of Queen Charlotte, the wife of George III. Before returning to the pier, you can expect to see lush Victoria Park and the wide Hillsborough River where it empties into the harbor.

Need to Know:

Note: This tour includes limited amount of walking. The tour is not available to guests who utilize a wheelchair. Weather appropriate clothing including a light jacket or sweater; sun glasses; and flat, comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

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