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A City Under Siege

Gibraltar, Reino Unido

A City Under Siege


  • 3.5 horas

This interesting tour allows you to appreciate the turbulent history of this amazing Fortress that is Gibraltar.

Meeting your guide at the pier, you will transfer directly to the Cable Car Base station where modern technology does all the hard work for you as you are transported to the Top Station, perched at the very summit of "The Rock". The magnificent panorama that will open out before you is sufficiently breathtaking to make you forget that you are suspended in mid-air.

In the company of an experienced and knowledgeable guide, you will learn of the momentous events that took place over the centuries that have made this small outpost famous throughout the world.

The Top Station is located on the site of an old gun emplacement last used during the Second World War.

Here your guide will walk you around the terraces and introduce you to the geography of this British colony at the entrance to the Mediterranean. You may also take the opportunity to use the restrooms, look around the Souvenir shop and Restaurant or simply wander around the former anti-craft battery site. Your guide will now accompany you back to the Cable Car for a short ride to the Middle Station and the sanctuary of Gibraltar's oldest inhabitants, The Rock Apes. These tail-less monkeys (macaca sylvanus) are roaming free. Many legends surround these monkeys and your guide will brief you as to their origin. Keep your possessions close. Remember they are wild animals. Please do not touch or feed them.

After enjoying your encounter with the Apes and their enchanting antics you will again board you coach for a five minute drive north until we reach Princess Caroline's Battery and the entrance to the Upper Galleries, or the Great Siege Tunnels.These are a system of tunnels carved out of solid limestone. The works were commenced on the 25th of May 1782 by the forerunners of the Royal Engineers and today they stand as a monument to their ingenuity and engineering. We shall walk through Windsor Gallery, to St. George's Hall. This is a fascinating experience ignored by most visitors to the Rock. As you leave the Great Siege Tunnels you will see the runway built during the Second World War with rocks hewn out of these and other tunnels inside the Rock.

A short drive will then take you to see the first buildings ever constructed by the British in Gibraltar which now house the Gibraltar "A City Under Siege" exhibition. Here the visitor will see the hardship endured by the inhabitants of the Rock in times of great need when the relentless sieges failed to re-conquer Gibraltar - The Gateway to the Mediterranean. A short distance away you will pass by the Moorish Castle built in 1333 by the Moors, who spearheaded their invasion of the Iberian Peninsula from Gibraltar in 711 AD. This impressive Tower still bears the scars of Battle.

From here your tour proceeds to the Gibraltar Museum, entrance is included in your program. Opened on the site of the old Moorish Baths it will amaze you with the enormous amount of artefacts that are on display. Available to all, there is an optional 15-minute Film show depicting the evolution that has taken place in Gibraltar over the past 200 thousand years.

Your tour is now coming to its end and the choice of leaving you in the busy town center or returning back to the vessel is completely yours. Should you wish to remain in town you will be responsible in making your own way back to the ship.

Need to Know:

Note: This tour includes a moderate amount of walking over uneven surfaces and there are numerous steps to negotiate (approximately 60 steps). It is not available to wheelchair guests or those guests with mobility concerns. Comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Guests who do not wish to enter the tunnel are more than welcome to stay on the bus or take in the views nearby.

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