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Viaje por tierra a Hellesylt

Geiranger, Noruega

Viaje por tierra a Hellesylt


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After departing from the pier, you will settle in for a spectacular driving tour through some of Norway’s most stunningly beautiful scenery. The landscape is picture-perfect everywhere, as the road winds through fertile farmland and forested mountains dotted with lakes.

You will first pause for photos at nearby Flydal, an elevated viewpoint that offers a sweeping look at the gorgeous fjord below and your cruise ship. You will continue to ascend the circuitous road, which was carved through the mountains in the late 1930s, until reaching the summit of Dalsnibba. The perspective from here will be even more dramatic, as Dalsnibba soars nearly 5,000 feet above sea level. You may even spot wild reindeer roaming about.

The descent is also wonderfully picturesque and after crossing a hauntingly barren plateau, you will arrive at Jostedalbreen National Park, which contains the largest glacier in mainland Europe. Here, you will make a stop at the visitor’s center. This interesting building was constructed in a manner similar to Viking long houses and contains exhibits about the area’s culture, animal life and history. The center also has a botanical garden and geological park with native plants and rocks. After learning more about western Norway and taking in the extraordinarily pristine scenery, you will next make your way to the Hotel Alexandra for a relaxing lunch.

Then it’s on to lovely Stryn, where you will enjoy free time to shop or simply gaze over the majestic mountains that frame Stryn Valley. You will pause once again for photos at Homindal Lake, a royal-blue stretch of water that is breathtaking. Finally, you will reach the old Viking port of Hellesylt, where you will re-join your ship.

Need to Know:

Note: This tour includes approximately 2 hours of easy to moderate walking/standing plus any additional walking at the guests’ discretion during free time. There will be some uneven surfaces and hilly terrain to negotiate. The driving portion of this tour includes hairpin turns and those who suffer from motion sickness should take necessary precautions prior to commencing the tour. Weather appropriate clothing (layers are suggested); sun cap; sunglasses; and flat, comfortable walking shoes are recommended. Foldable wheelchairs only, no scooters are permitted.

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Tours por la ciudad y panorámicos

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Los tours con este nivel de actividad involucran caminatas en terrenos relativamente llanos, posiblemente con adoquines, grava o algunos escalones. Se recomienda usar calzado cómodo.
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