Are FCCs transferrable?

Yes. Effective May 18, 2020, FCCs from either our 2020 Suspended Sailings or Peace of Mind FCC are transferable. In order to transfer an FCC, and in an effort for us to best assist you quickly, please follow the instructions below:

  • Submit your FCC Transfer Request Here:
    • Include the following information in the comments field:
      • Completed FCC transfer request information as listed below. You may include multiple requests on one case so long as the request is complete and proper consent from current coupon owner is included (either in an attached email or by the current owner being the one to submit the case)
      • Booking Advisor Name:
      • Original Peace of Mind or Suspended Sailing reservation number that generated the FCC being transferred
      • Client ID and name of Current FCC Owner who is authorising the transfer
      • Client ID and name of Guest Receiving the FCC
      • FCC Coupon numbers
    • Case submission to also Include:
      • Attachment of email from current FCC owner authorising transfer.
        (*Note: Failure to include will result in the transfer request being denied.)

    Example Transfer Request:



    Booking Advisor Name

    John Smith

    POM or Suspended Sailing reservation number that generated the FCC being transferred:


    Client ID of Current FCC Owner


    Client ID of Guest Receiving FCC


    FCC Coupon Number(s):



      • Please allow up to 7 business days for the transfer request to be completed.
      • Only the entire and full original value of Peace of Mind and suspended sailing FCCs worth 100% of the fare paid, as well as the bonus 25% or 50% FCCs, are eligible for transfer.
        • Partial value transfers or transfers of remaining FCC balance are not permitted.
      • An email from the current FCC owner requesting the transfer to be made must be included when submitting the transfer request via
      • Insurance FCCs and 10% bonus FCCs are not transferrable
      • Once the transfer takes place, the receiving guest is now the owner and the previous owner cannot request a transfer back.
      • Only one transfer or exchange of ownership will be allowed per FCC. This is applicable to Peace of Mind and suspended sailings FCCs, including 25% and 50% credit FCCs issued for suspended sailings.
        • The only exception is if the current owner is requesting to transfer back to the original owner that the FCC was issued to.
      • Once the transfer is completed, a confirmation email will be sent to the email provided at time of case submission. At that time, the receiving guest will be able to apply the coupon to the desired reservation.

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