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ATV Adventure

Honningsvaag, Norway

ATV Adventure


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After a safety briefing and instructions your tour starts with an approximately 1 1/2 hour drive towards NATO Mountain. During your ATV adventure, you’ll experience Mageroya Island's unique nature. There will be photo opportunities at several stunning viewpoints. From the mountain, you’ll drive back to Honningsvag and return your ATV and driver suit to the garage.

Need to Know:

Note: Participants must be at least 18 years of age and physically fit. Drivers must present a valid driver’s license. Same rules as for driving regular cars apply, thus drivers under the influence of alcohol will not be allowed. Each ATV holds two persons. Halfway through the tour, the driver and passenger will switch places so that both will be able to drive the ATV an equal amount of time.

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Tours with this activity level involve physical exertion for extended periods of time; can involve uneven or steep terrain or swimming in a light current. Recommended only for physically fit and adventurous travellers.
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