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Highlights of Nuuk

Nuuk, Greenland

Highlights of Nuuk


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Drive through Greenland’s diminutive capital, which nestles at the head of a fjord, and trace the town’s history through its marquee attractions.

After departing from the pier, you will go to the suburbs of Nuussuaq to have a photo stop at the private boat harbor. Then proceed with a panoramic drive to the viewpoint at Iiminaq passing the more contemporary suburbs Qinngorput and the University. Take pictures of the fjord at the photo stop by the cemetery. you will soon find yourself in downtown Nuuk, the world’s smallest capital and Greenland’s biggest town. Nuuk means “headland,” a reference to its location at the tip of a peninsula at the mouth of an extensive fjord system.

Missionary Hans Egede officially founded the city in 1728, although Inuits, Vikings and various other groups had lived here on and off for about 4,000 years. It’s still a captivating historical setting. As you drive around town, pausing every so often for photos, you will see landmarks that include the Parliament, the University of Greenland and Katuaq, a cultural venue whose modern design was inspired by the magical play of light on the ice and snow.

The National Museum occupies several buildings around the colonial harbor, where a statue of Egede overlooks the sea. Other prominent historical buildings include Nuuk Cathedral. Consecrated in 1849, it was constructed with so-called half-timbering, a technique where the timber frame was filled with soapstone and talc. That was later covered with the red paneling seen today.

-You will also drive through Nuuk’s neighboring suburbs, which include Nuussuaq and the more contemporary Qinngorput district. Regardless of where you travel, the craggy mountains provide a majestic backdrop as you return to the pier.

Need to Know:

The sights and their order viewed from the comfort of the coach and at viewpoints, the duration of the photo stops and the number of stops may vary due to peculiarities of arctic operations. The tour is panoramic in nature and walking is at the guests’ discretion during photo stops. You can expect a few guided photo stops and a short stop at the Colonial Harbor where you get off the coach and continue exploration of the historic town including Greenland National Museum (a visit is not included) on your own. The tour is available to wheelchair guests who have a collapsible wheelchair, are able to make their way on and off the bus and have an able-bodied companion to assist them. Warm clothing, cap, sunglasses and flat comfortable shoes are recommended.

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