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Historical Floathouse And Boat Cruise

Sitka, Alaska

Historical Floathouse And Boat Cruise


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Cruise the pristine waters off Sitka, admiring the impressive scenery while the guide offers all sorts of fascinating facts about the local history, wildlife and floathouse that you will visit. One of the most fascinating topics is how Sitka served as the capital of Russian America until 1867, when the United States purchased Alaska. You may also hear about Sitka’s cultural history. Once known as the “Paris of the Pacific,” Sitka claims to have had the first opera house, performing arts theater and grand piano on North America’s west coast.

Wildlife thrives around Sitka, and you might see bald eagles soaring overhead and sea otters, sea lions and seals frolicking near the rocky coast. Don’t forget to scan the forest edge for brown bears and black-tailed deer. In time, you will stop at a floathouse in Camp Coogan Bay, which was named in the 1870s for a soldier who established a wood-cutting camp in the surrounding wilderness.

• Cruise the waters around Sitka and hear about the city’s extraordinary history.
• Find out why Sitka was known as the “Paris of the Pacific.”
• Watch for iconic Alaska wildlife like bald eagles, brown bears and sea lions.
• Visit a historical floathouse on a serene bay.

• Dress in weather-appropriate clothing.
• Wear flat comfortable walking shoes.

Need to Know:

Note: Guests must be mobile enough to walk the dock ramp and board a boat. Restrooms are available prior to departure. Minimum age is 7 years, maximum weight is 250 lbs. There are no height restrictions however there are some low ceilings in the floathouse at 6"2".

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