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Reversing Rapids Zipline Adventure

Saint John, Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick

Reversing Rapids Zipline Adventure


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This zipline adventure offers two experiences in one - the adrenalin rush of zipping, plus a bird’s eye view of the Reversing Rapids. During the tour, you’ll experience five ziplines of varying lengths racing down a hillside overlooking the rapids. The signature line crosses over a turbulent tidal cove, sometimes soaring 100 feet above water depending on the tide.

The tour consists of five different lines strung between six towers. The first tower is accessed by a staircase of 75 steps. Participants are escorted from tower to tower by two trained tour guides, one zipping ahead of the group to receive guests and one staying with the guests to ensure each participant is safely connected to the cable and all of their gear is secure and comfortable.

With a view above the water, you can watch the rush of low tide or the push of high tide as the St. John River battles the Bay of Fundy. On the last zip, two participants, one on each line, will step off at a time and race next to each other over the water to the last tower!

Need to Know:

Note: Participants must weigh at least 70 lbs. but less than 250 lbs. Depending on wind conditions, sometimes the maximum weight can be up to 270 lbs. You must be able to climb 75 steps up the first tower and 25 steps down at the last tower. Walking is on gravel or grass paths. If you have a medical condition, such as back/neck problems, diabetes, or you are pregnant, you should not participate. You must complete and sign a waiver. You must wear closed toe shoes, no flip flops or sandals are allowed. You should wear mid-thigh shorts or long pants. Long hair should be secured and long or dangling jewelry should be removed. We also recommend that you bring a sweater or windbreaker.

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