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The Wonders of Ancient Ostia

Roma (Civitavecchia), Itália

The Wonders of Ancient Ostia


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Meander through the excavated ruins of Ostia, the commercial center and port for ancient Rome, which was completely abandoned after the fall of the empire.

After departing from the pier, you will settle in for a leisurely and picturesque drive that follows the coast to Ostia, Rome’s principal port through antiquity. It was founded at the mouth of the Tiber River in the 7th century B.C. to extract salt from the nearby marshes.

Ostia was later fortified and thrived until the fall of Rome, when the port was abandoned. Fortunately, river silt eventually covered the city, protecting it from the elements and plunderers. The ruins that remain today offer a wonderful glimpse into early Roman life.

As you meander roads such as the main thoroughfare Decumanus Maximus, you can expect to see one of the world’s oldest theaters, which is still used on occasion. Nearby, you will find the Forum Baths, a mosaic of Neptune riding four horses and a collection of large warehouses that stored grain and other items needed to feed the ancient Romans.

Ostia is also full of temples, including one dedicated to Hercules and another patterned after the Pantheon in Rome. You may also see excavated private residences adorned with frescoes, a bakery with millstones scattered about and commercial offices for ship-owners and traders. The port was designed around a grid pattern that became the standard for Roman military cities, and the layout is still visible today.

Need to Know:

Note: This tour includes approximately 2 hours of walking over cobblestones & uneven paths inside excavations. It is not available to guests who utilize a wheelchair. Those guests with mobility concerns are cautioned to evaluate their personal level of ability and stamina. Casual, weather-appropriate clothing and comfortable, flat walking shoes are suggested.

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Passeios panorâmicos & pela cidade
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Tours with this activity level involve a considerable amount of physical activity such as substantial walking over cobblestone streets, uneven or steep terrain, climbing stairs, or extended periods of standing. Not recommended for guests with physical limitations. Comfortable, sturdy shoes are recommended.
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