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Experiência de vinhos definitiva em Hunter Valley

Newcastle, Austrália

Experiência de vinhos definitiva em Hunter Valley


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Spend the day learning all about wines and enjoying the wonderful amenities of the intimate Hunter Valley Resort, a family-owned lodge beautifully situated in the heart of Australia’s oldest wine region.

Settle in for a relaxing drive into the Hunter Valley, the oldest wine-producing region in Australia. After an orientation of the resort, you will spend the remainder of the day enjoying the amenities. The on-site winery is by far the largest and most advanced in Hunter Wine Country, producing around 6 million liters of wine a year. Guests learn how wine is actually made…right from the grapevine to the bottle. As the day unfolds, you will tour the grounds in a horse-drawn carriage, take a leisurely walk through the vineyards, partake in a Wine Tutorial and Winemaking Experience and linger over a hearty lunch. With everyone’s knowledge of wines growing by the minute, there is but one final experience required to totally cap-off the winemaking experience. Squelch! This is about the best word to express the feeling of grapes between bare toes as guests jump into the oak barrel to experience the age-old tradition of pressing by foot!

During your Wine Marriage lunch (including wine tutorial, tasting and blending exercises) you’ll enjoy a tasting plate lunch where the main includes 4 individual dishes. Each dish is “married” to a premium Hunter Valley wine, which has been especially selected to complement the dishes. During the lunch, your Cellar Master will conduct a tutorial which follows on from the day’s activities and includes tasting, food matching and blending exercises. Your immersion into the resort’s wines will be so complete that you will be given a personalized Hunter Valley Wine School Certificate in honor of your newfound understanding of the resort’s winery, which is the valley’s largest.

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