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Parque Nacional Tikal de avião

Porto Quetzal, Guatemala

Parque Nacional Tikal de avião


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Transfer to a nearby airport for a one hour flight by chartered airplane to the vast Northern region of Petén. Upon arrival at the airport in Flores, enjoy a one hour drive along rainforest-lined roadways while your guide provides an overview of the region in preparation for the visit to the famed Maya Ruins of Tikal, the greatest Maya City known and studied to date. Tikal was declared a ""World Cultural Heritage"" by UNESCO in 1970.

Disembark at the entrance of the Park and begin a 3 mile stroll along dirt roads and pathways leading back in time. A mysterious realm unfolds entering the forested surroundings that now envelope the ruins where your guide will explain the theories of life in the time of the Maya. You will visit the pyramid of The Great Jaguar, The Central Plaza, The Palace of the Masks and Temple IV, the tallest of all pre-Columbian structures in the Western Hemisphere.

A typical Guatemalan lunch is served at the premises of the Maya Internacional Hotel at the Park. In the afternoon, you will be transferred back to the local airport for the flight to Puerto San José.

Need to Know:

Note: The total walking distance covered on this tour is about 3 miles. The tour includes a 1 hour flight, followed by 1 hour bus ride in each direction. Sturdy, comfortable, closed-toe walking shoes are recommended, as well as insect repellant, long-sleeved shirts and trousers to ensure protection from insects. Also, participants must have their passports for immigration purposes.

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