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Bari, The City Of St. Nicholas

Bari, Italy

Bari, The City Of St. Nicholas


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Uncover the sublime medieval landmarks of Bari, a hallowed city said to hold the remains of two revered saints, on this enlightening walking tour. After a brief drive through downtown Bari, you’ll arrive at the Old Town and begin a walking tour that leads you to the Norman-Swabian castle, symbol of the city and its most dominant structure. You’ll marvel at this spectacular example of medieval construction, which features an impressive stone bridge over a dry moat, sheer ramparts and several imposing towers. Continuing through the Old Town’s warren of narrow streets, you may see women hand-making a pasta called orecchiette, meaning little ears, on tabletops outside their homes, as this uniquely shaped treat is a favorite throughout the Puglia region at the heel of Italy’s boot. Admire the Cathedral of San Sabino, a masterpiece of Apulian Romanesque design that, according to legend, shelters its namesake saint’s relics, and the splendid Saint Nicolas Basilica, also a resting place for its venerated saint. Delight in a stroll along Bari’s ancient defensive walls and, if you choose, remain in bustling Piazza Massari to browse the tempting shops of bewitching Bari.

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Note: This tour includes nearly three hours of moderate, guided walking. There will be some uneven surfaces to negotiate. The tour is available to guests who utilize a collapsible wheelchair, are able to make their own way on and off the coach and have an able-bodied companion to assist them. Guests with mobility concerns are cautioned to carefully evaluate their personal level of ability and stamina.

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Scenic & City Tours

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Tours with this activity level involve a considerable amount of physical activity such as substantial walking over cobblestone streets, uneven or steep terrain, climbing stairs, or extended periods of standing. Not recommended for guests with physical limitations. Comfortable, sturdy shoes are recommended.
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