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Fin Island Lodge & Zodiac Adventure

Sitka, Alaska

Fin Island Lodge & Zodiac Adventure


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Before embarking on this true Alaska adventure, you will be outfitted in water-proof gear to help keep you dry during the expedition. This gear is not insulated, so we recommend dressing in warm layers of synthetic materials or wools, regardless of weather. After a brief safety speech, the expedition begins. Adjacent to Sitka lies a network of dozens of picturesque islands that provide a barrier from the swell of the open Pacific Ocean. As your captain skillfully navigates these island groups, you’ll see reefs and rock pinnacles that jet out of the water and provide lookout perches for bald eagles and a myriad of beautiful seabirds. A look downward will reveal rapidly growing kelp forests that disappear into the depths of the sound. In shallow water areas, inaccessible to larger craft, you may even notice sea stars, anemones, and other invertebrates.

This area is teeming with wildlife, including sea otters, whales, and sea lions. Your captain is trained to approach animals in a way that will not disturb their natural behavior, providing excellent photography and viewing opportunities.

At Fin Island Lodge, you’ll have the opportunity to indulge in a delicious Alaska feast! Alaskan crab, wild salmon, prime rib, homemade side dishes, and dessert are all-inclusive with the tour. In addition, coffee, tea, cocoa, lemonade and water are complimentary. Soft drinks are available for purchase. A breakfast twist on our signature Fin Island feast is featured for guests arriving before 10am. Vegan and gluten free options are available, regardless of tour time.

After the meal, you may beachcomb, explore the beautiful grounds of the exclusive island, or relax next to the cozy beach fire. When the adventure concludes, your vessel will await to provide the short cruise back to Sitka.

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