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Lowland Caves Experience At Beit Guvrin

Ashdod, Israël

Lowland Caves Experience At Beit Guvrin


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Your journey begins by taking you past the Valley of Elah, where David slew Goliath, and on to Beit Guvrin, a town taken by the Romans in 68 CE. Your visit here is highlighted by a guided walk through a collection ofancient caves that have been used as cisterns, animal pens, burial grounds and housing for pigeons. Some of the caves also served as churches, as evidenced by the crosses that can still be seen carved on the walls. The columbarium, or niche that holds the funeral urn, is one of the oldest and most spectacular of its kind.

For another glimpse into the past, view a remarkable ancient olive press and visit the Sidonian Burial Cave, the area's only cave that has been decoratively painted.

Finally, enter the enormous bell caves. Dug between the 7th and 10th centuries, the spacious caves feature superior acoustics that might be found in a cathedral or concert hall. Later, you'll return to your ship.

Need to Know:

Note: As this excursion involves approximately two and a half hours of walking over uneven terrain, some stair climbing, and walking through small spaces of underground caves, it is not recommended for guests with walking difficulties or with claustrophobia. Dusty conditions can be expected. It is recommended that guests wear casual clothing and flat, comfortable shoes. The order of sights visited may vary.

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