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Boyds Tower & Whaling Station

Eden, Australie

Boyds Tower & Whaling Station


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This tour gives an insight into the perspectives of two cultures, Aboriginal and European Australians. Find out about the Whaling History around Eden and the lives of early pioneers. See how 19th-century whalers lived and worked by visiting one of the finest surviving whaling stations on Twofold Bay.

Take a walk to Boyds Tower, a lookout tower made for whale spotting, and enjoy magnificent views across the Pacific Ocean.

Drive to Twofold Bay, one of the deepest natural harbors in the Southern hemisphere. Because of the ideal conditions, the bay was home to numerous whaling stations in the 19th century, including the Davidson Whaling Station. While touring the property, which was the longest-operating, shore-based whaling station in Australia. Your guide will tell you about the lives of the whalers that lived here from 1826 to 1932, when the station closed, and their relationship with Aboriginal people and their contribution to shore based whaling. Three generations of the Davidsons worked from this site, and their family memorabilia and whale-processing equipment still remains. The Try Works, where blubber was boiled to extract the oil, is particularly fascinating.

Continuing on, you will soon arrive at Boyd’s Tower, a sandstone structure that entrepreneur Benjamin Boyd built in 1847 to be a lighthouse. However, the tower wasn’t commissioned, and it was only used as a lookout for whales. Enjoy free time here to explore the area. Be sure to notice the damaged section at the top, where lightning struck more than 150 years ago, and the carving on a window ledge that pays tribute to a sailor killed by a whale. From the elevated vantage point of Boyd’s Tower, you will enjoy a fine view of surrounding Green Cape and Red Point, named after the hue of its rocks. See and hear unique fauna such as sea eagles, bower birds and lyre birds.

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