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Kunst und Kunsthandwerk Balis

Bali (Benoa), Indonesien

Kunst und Kunsthandwerk Balis


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Bali’s rich art and culture have been traditionally passed down from generation to generation by means of the local community centers. This tour takes you to several communities where you can see first-hand how Bali's present day is infused with traditions of the past.

You’ll travel to Tohpati village, well-known for processing exceptional Batik cloth. Here, you'll have an opportunity to observe skilled artisans at work as they use the different methods of applying the colors and printing to the fabric. Continue on to Celuk village, which is a center of gold and silver work and where over half the village is involved in the silver industry.

As with most Balinese crafts, gold and silver work is largely a hereditary trade with apprentices beginning to train at a young age and by the time they reach the age of 12, already producing fine ornaments. You’ll stop at Kemenuh village, known for its wood-carving to observe the local craftsmen as they turn slabs of teak or ebony wood into intricate statues and masks.

Peliatan village is noted for its skilled painters - traditional Balinese paintings were strictly limited to narratives with mythological themes, illustrating stories from Hindu epics and literature. Under the influence of western painters who settled in Bali in the 1930s, Balinese artists began painting single scenes, using images from everyday life as their theme. Your visit includes time at one of the local galleries where you can view the beautiful works created by gifted Balinese artists.

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Note: This tour includes a moderate amount of walking and a few steps to negotiate. Those guests with mobility concerns are cautioned to evaluate their personal level of ability and stamina. Lightweight clothing, a hat, comfortable walking shoes and an umbrella are recommended.

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