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Ein wahrhaftes Kaffee-Erlebnis

Puntarenas (Puerto Caldera), Costa Rica

Ein wahrhaftes Kaffee-Erlebnis


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This experience allows for an intimate glimpse inside one of the most important aspects that defines Costa Rica as the strongest nation in all of Central America. Coffee cultivation has been the primary source of income for many Costa Rican families since the turn of the 19th century. You’ll visit a 670-acre cooperative farm owned by more than 2,300 farmers of who 60% are women. Each member contributes almost 10 acres of land to the coop. The coffee that they cultivate and produce is sold directly to one of the largest coffee companies in the world, Starbucks. This coffee is also purchased by Rainforest Alliance, an organization that focuses on the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development.

You’ll experience first hand the coffee roasting process and have the chance to sample the flavorful brewing. Also see how the coffee beans, also known as cherries, are picked, sorted, peeled, fermented and sun-dried. Learn many interesting facts that may change your appreciation of this highly consumed beverage. Feel free to browse the selection of hand-made souvenirs before heading to the town of Sarchi. A photo-stop will be made at the largest oxcart monument ever built and a stop at the factory that made it; see the ancient water wheel that propels most of the machinery they use to cut and saw the wood.

Need to Know:

Note: Minimum amount of walking over even surface and some steps. For wheelchair restricted customers, advance notice is required. Motorized scooters cannot be handled, only foldable wheelchairs. Wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen, a hat and bring a camera and a light jacket.

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