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14-Day Asia: Immersive Japan from Tokyo
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14-Day Asia: Immersive Japan from Tokyo

Explore Japan's second largest city, Osaka with an overnight stay.
Marvel at the beautiful Beomeo-sa Buddhist Temple in Busan.
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1,722 EUR
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Ship Norwegian Spirit

Kagoshima, Japan

Visit the exquisite Iso-Teien Garden and its villa, built in 1660, and enjoy gorgeous views before a short ferry ride to smoking Sakurajima for a close-up view of the volcano and its lava fields. Or journey into the countryside to Chiran and its well-preserved streets lined with samurai homes. Enjoy the beautiful landscape of Lake Ikeda and the stunning vistas of the Satsuma Peninsula. Local Satsuma dolls, unique cards printed with ink made from volcanic ash, and unusual wooden toys make interesting souvenirs. And be sure to try some miso soup, sashimi or ramen, the area's famous noodles.

Top Shore Excursions in Kagoshima, Japan

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