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Bioluminescent Bay Kayak

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Bioluminescent Bay Kayak


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Kayak through Laguna Grande at night, a magical time when the slightest disturbance of the water will cause miniscule marine organisms to emit light in a bioluminescent spectacle.

After departing from the pier, you will enjoy a meandering drive toward the island’s eastern tip. Near the town of Fajardo, you will be briefed on how best to handle your kayak and maximize the extraordinary nighttime experience that awaits you.

You will then paddle off into Laguna Grande, a bay teeming with tiny marine organisms that emit light much like fireflies. The phenomenon is known as bioluminescence, a chemical reaction that is triggered when the water is disturbed by paddling or even by a kayak slowing cutting through the water.

It doesn’t take much for the single-celled organisms known as dinoflagellates to emit light, so you won’t need to paddle vigorously for them to start glowing. Just paddle normally and watch the spectacle as the water lights up in a sparkling sheen that looks like a miniature Milky Way.

he bay is one of the top spots in Puerto Rico to watch a bioluminescent show. It is a nightly occurrence because the dinoflagellates are simply following their biological clocks, which are set for a bioluminescent display at sunset.

It is not a new phenomenon. During Christopher Columbus’ voyage in 1492, he noted faraway tiny flashes of light that appeared “like the light of a wax candle moving up and down.” While he couldn’t explain it, scientists speculate that it was bioluminescence.

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Note: This tour is conducted on a 2-person kayak only. This most active excursion is suitable only for passengers in excellent physical condition. Not for guests with back, neck, shoulder or heart problems or for pregnant women. All guests must be adequate swimmers and feel comfortable performing water activity. Guests are recommended to wear bathing suit or comfortable clothing with sandals and bring their respective towel. children under 6 years of age are not allowed.

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