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Do you feel much motion on deck 11, aft, 11872 bc?

Asked by: fireman1x
You probably will feel some vibration when the ship is maneuvering in or out of port, but it should not be noticeable for most of your voyage.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2020-01-14

Does a BA balcony, room 14178, have an angled balcony that can accommodate a lounge chair or 2?

We just booked for Jan 2021 and saw that some balcony cabins have a larger balcony and your room steward may be able to replace one of the chairs with a lounge chair, just wonder if room 14178 has this option?
Asked by: Shari5918
Unfortunately, no. It has a standard size balcony. If you click on the "Deck Plans" link above you can view the layout of the ship which shows the staterooms which do have the larger balcony. If one is still available, you may be able to change your reservation by contacting your travel agent or the NCL Reservations Department.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2020-02-19

do you use latex gloves in your restraunts

my daughter has a food allergy
Asked by: kretterath
Chefs do use gloves in the kitchen, however waiters do not. Also, even though chefs may use gloves, it does not eliminate the possibility of cross contamination resulting from handling multiple food items without changing gloves. If your daughter's food allergy is significant, you should contact the NCL Reservations Department by phone well in advance of your cruise to make arrangements for a special diet.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2020-02-08

Will I receive a written breakdown of all charges to my credit card?

Asked by: Bejekel
Yes, the items which have been charged to your bank card prior to the start of your cruise will appear on the cruise documents (eDocs) which you will need to download from your "My NCL" account so you can take your documents with you when you check in for your cruise. You can pick up a printed listing of all your on board charges from the Guest Services Desk before you depart the cruise.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2020-03-06

can you smoke in the casino? Is there spereate areas in casino to smoke?

Asked by: Anonymous
Persons actively participating in one of the casino games, including slot machines, are allowed to smoke while playing. The staff may request that all smokers occupy the same corner of the casino, but there is not a separate climate-controlled area for smokers. At least two other ships in the Breakaway class already do have separate casino smoking rooms, however, so it is likely that the Breakaway also will receive one the next time it goes into dry dock for a major renovation.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2019-12-04

Room 9734 Across from 'inside corridor'? Is this just a hallway or open to the floors below - is it noisy? Thanks.

Asked by: starsky
This is a crew service area. It contains elevators and stairs accessible only to crew members, and may also include a storage area for housekeeping items used by the cabin stewards. You should not notice any noise from this area at night, although the service carts may cause some noise during the mid-morning and early evening hours when the cabin attendants are busy cleaning staterooms.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2019-10-07


We are in room 5124 on the Breakaway sailing Feb. 8. I am partially disabled. Is there a shower in the room? I can't get in and out of a tub.
Asked by: JoanJenn
Your Ocean View Stateroom, category OB, does have a shower. You can see a floor plan and example photos of your room by clicking on the Staterooms link above and following it to the description of your OB class room.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2020-01-06

Is there a TV in the Studio cabin ?

Asked by: Hairdresser
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2019-10-25

cruising in May of 2020 I'm looking for any info on deck 14. Is it an okay deck or is there a better more fun deck without a lot of noise

Asked by: pmsmith
If you click on the "Deck Plans" link above you will see that much of Deck 14 is directly below the pool area. Noise easily can transmit down from the deck above, so you may want to be careful in selecting a stateroom that is not directly below a public area. Cabins on Deck 9 through Deck 13 likely would be more quiet than most of those on Deck 14.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2020-04-26

Are there Vegan and Vegetarian options available in the dining rooms and other restaurants?

Asked by: JasmineQ03
Yes, vegetarian meals are available on board. They may not be true vegan, however, as the ship's galleys generally are not equipped with separate utensils and cooking areas for vegetarian cooking. The same pots and pans may be used for meats as well as vegetables, while cooking oils, butter, and other condiments may include meat or meat by-products. If you require a strictly vegan diet, you should contact the NCL Reservations Department at least a month prior to your cruise to make your needs known. It also is a good idea to check with the restaurant reservations desk as soon as you are on board to be sure that your requests have been relayed to the staff on the ship.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2020-06-14

Pepper Spray

Can I bring pepper spray on board? We are going “off the beaten path” in Mexico.
Asked by: Chumiloons
Unfortunately, no. Pepper spray is on the list of prohibited items. To see the complete list, please click on this link:
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2019-11-11

Is there a good selection of Craft beers on The Breakaway?

The last cruise I went on there were only 2 bars that carried an IPA beer. I happen to be a picky beer drinker!
Asked by: Seanras
Breakaway doesn't have The District like the Escape and newer ships, so the craft beer selection isn't great, but it's better than a few years ago. You can get about a dozen different beers bottled across the ship in various bars now.
Answered by: jsand42
Date published: 2020-01-09

Are there smoking areas on the ship?

Asked by: terryanddani
Cigar smoking is permitted in the designated cigar lounge on Deck 8. There are additional locations where pipe and cigarette smoking is permitted. For complete information on NCL smoking policies, please see this link:!#smoking
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2020-03-06


is there complementary wifi or internet access aboard?
Asked by: caaaaaa
WiFi is available throughout the ship. You may use one of the computers in the Internet Cafe, or you may use your own internet device. Unfortunately, however, access is not complimentary. For information on pricing, please see this link:
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2020-02-19

How do the bars and servers know which drink package you have?

Asked by: brelausto
There is a code printed on the face of your room key card to indicate the type of beverage, dining, or other packages you have. If you are traveling in a Suite or the Haven, you will be entitled to certain other privileges, so there will be a code to indicate that. Your card also lists your name, your lifeboat muster station, and your status in NCL's frequent passenger program, the Latitudes Club. All of this information also is encoded in the magnetic strip on your card. When a staff member swipes your card at their station, all of this information, plus your photo, appears on the screen for them.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2019-12-09

What do the different cabin colors represent on each deck

Asked by: Elliot
The color code designates the category and sub-category of the stateroom, such as Inside, Ocean View, Balcony, or Mini-Suite. Within each of these basic categories there are sub-categories based upon the location and price range of the room. There is a legend on each deck plan online which you can click on to expand for detailed information about each class of room.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2020-03-04

Do any of the Haven Suites have Pullman Beds? Or do the 3rd and 4th Guest sleep together on the Couch Bed? Can we get a rollaway or air mattress?

We are looking on the Breakaway.
Asked by: KB0577
Some of the Haven staterooms have beds which pull down from the ceiling. You also can request a cot if you need it for additional guests.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2019-10-16

Is the breakaway still performing rock of ages?

Asked by: kim123
No. Show is Burn the floor. Stupid story. But great dancing and music. The show 'Six' was excellant. Velvet was just ok, with a crappy meal.
Answered by: NIC17
Date published: 2020-02-18

Is there skeet shooting on board

Asked by: Chamerie
No, skeet shooting is not available on any NCL vessel.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2020-01-12

On embarkation day, if I sent my formal dress to be pressed, would I have it back in time for the optional formal night on the 5 night cruise?

Asked by: barbarag8893
The usual turnaround time for the ship's laundry service is two days, but for an additional cost you can specify one day service. There is no way to be certain in advance which night will be designated as the "Dress up or Not" night, but it seems like a safe bet that you could have your dress pressed in time.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2020-01-29

Breakaway Large Balcony Furniture

Can anyone tell me what type of furniture is on the large balconies for the Breakaway? Are their two chairs, two loungers, or some other combination?
Asked by: Lisa928
There normally will be two patio chairs and one small table. If your balcony is large enough, you may request that your stateroom attendant bring you a lounge chair from the pool deck to replace or supplement your other balcony furniture.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2019-10-07

How does the Breakaway compare to the Joy, found the Joy to be wonderful.

Inside lounge space seems limited on the Breakaway vs the Joy.
Asked by: attrzaska
The Joy is a member of the "Breakaway-Plus" class of ships in the NCL fleet. It's similar in design to the Breakaway, but 20,000 tons larger. The Joy actually has fewer passenger staterooms, however. The extra size provides room for the Joy's forward observation lounge plus other venues not found on the Breakaway. The overall layout of the Joy is somewhat different from other ships in the Breakaway and Breakaway-Plus classes. Many of the restaurants on the Joy are the same as on other ships, but situated on different decks or different locations on the same deck as the Breakaway. The Joy was built for the Asian market, so the design of some of its staterooms is unique. The Joy also lacks a spacious thermal spa as found on other NCL mega-ships like the Breakaway. I have sailed on both the Joy and the Breakaway. Except for the observation lounge on the Joy, I much prefer the Breakaway's design. Even more than either of these, however, I really like the Bliss. It has the large observation lounge, thermal spa, and venues such as specialty restaurants and lounges in convenient locations.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2020-06-07

Does it cost to go into the ice bar?

Asked by: Riverbear
Yes, there is a cover charge to pay for the beverages you will be served inside. The charge applies even if you have one of the beverage packages.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2020-01-07

Are mimosas included in the UBP?

Asked by: Ohiocpa
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2019-10-18

How do I know which terminal the Breakaway will be at?

Don’t know which terminal to go to.
Asked by: ConniePR52
You did not mention the specifics of your cruise such as your port of departure or date, so I can't give you a definitive answer. You can download your cruise contract (eDocs) from this website by logging into your "My NCL" account and following the prompts. The information should be there. If you are sailing from Miami, Port Canaveral, or another of the ports which have several terminals, you should see signs as you approach the port which indicate which berth is occupied by each of the ships in port that day.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2020-03-04

Soft drink pass- is diet Mountain Dew included with this pass on the Breakaway cruise?

Asked by: seum320
I know that I have seen cans of Mountain Dew on board, but I'm not sure about the diet variety.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2019-10-26

What category is BF for a Balcony and is this mid ship?

Asked by: JAP119
Category BF is a new designation for the Breakaway, and it appears that it will not be assigned until sailings beginning in October 2020. BF staterooms can be seen on the Deck Plans for decks 8 and 9. On Deck 8 there are a few BFs at the very front of the ship, with many more through the front half of that deck. On Deck 9, most of the Balcony staterooms are category BF, and they are scattered throughout the front, mid-ship, and aft. The letter "B" stands for Balcony, while the second letter "F" is a sub-category based upon size of the room, its location and desirability, and hence its price. In general, lower numbers or letters such as 1, 2, A, or B indicate the most desirable and costliest staterooms within a particular category, while higher numbers or letters indicate less costly, and unfortunately less desirable, staterooms. The BX category, which does not include any "Free at Sea" promotional benefits and which does not allow you to select your specific cabin location, is the only category of Balcony stateroom on the Breakaway which is generally less expensive than the BF category.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2020-01-09

We want to know if there is a go cart track on the Breakaway

Asked by: Rhonita
NCL has race tracks on the Bliss, Encore, and Joy, but unfortunately the Breakaway does not have one.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2020-04-17

We'll be staying in room 10116, it says it fits 2 -4 people, where are the beds located?

I see 1 queen size bed and a sofa, does the sofa bed fit 2 people, or is there an additional sleeping space?
Asked by: Jergerdo
Balcony staterooms designated for four passengers either have a Pullman-style bed which your stateroom attendant can fold down from the ceiling or else the fourth passenger will sleep on a cot which your attendant will provide. On some ships the sofa is designed to fold out for two persons, but all of the sofas that I have seen on this ship accommodate just one passenger each.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2020-02-20

Where does a crib fit in a balcony room?

We will be traveling with two children, one who sleeps in a crib. I am unsure where a crib will fit in the room.
Asked by: Kshaugn23
It may be a bit crowded, but there is room for the crib between the sofa and the dressing table. You can view the floor plan for your cabin by clicking on the "Staterooms" link above.
Answered by: TheTravelingMan
Date published: 2019-11-24
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