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Don’t Lose Your Reservation!
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Pride of America

Pride of America


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Any info on room 9021

Asked by: AnonymousStLouis
You can click on the Deck Plans link above to view the location of your stateroom. It is an Inside cabin near the front of Deck 9. Click on the Staterooms link to view sample photos and floor plans of Inside rooms.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-04-08

We are booked for Aft Balcony #7184. I see it is over a dining room. Are there food smells in this cabin? Would it be better to be on a higher deck?

Asked by: blmb
You should not be able to notice odors from the restaurant, but sound could be a problem. During the dinner hours you may hear some noise, and sounds from the cleaning crew may be heard later in the evening.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-05-03

Does the balcony stateroom have alarm clocks?

Ones that you can read from your bed.
Asked by: Frogye3
Unfortunately, no. There are no alarm clocks in the Balcony staterooms.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2018-11-14

Are cruise agenda's for entertainment etc. available in advance of the cruise?

Asked by: Sjoer
Unfortunately, no. Each evening a copy of the Freestyle Daily newsletter will be delivered to your stateroom with a complete schedule of activities for the coming day. NCL does not make a practice of announcing activities earlier than than. An internet search for "NCL daily schedule" may take you to examples of Freestyle Daily newsletters posted by former passengers. It may not be a precise schedule, but it will give you some ideas of what to expect.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-03-15

My room is 7154 aft going to Hawaii in pride of america. Is this room will be noisy? Do you provide body lotion?

Asked by: Amita
Your stateroom is near the rear elevator lobby, so you may hear other passengers as they pass by in the hallway. You also may notice some vibration from the engines and propellers, especially when the ship is maneuvering in or out of port, but none of these sources of sound should prove very disturbing. Soap, shampoo, and lotion are available in the bathroom of your stateroom.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2018-11-11

How badly obstructed is the 1-Bedroom obstructed view suite?

Asked by: ObstructedViewSuite
Unfortunately, the view is almost completely blocked by a lifeboat.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-02-28

Can we bring whole milk on board for fridge storage for our 2 year old?

Asked by: cmlindberg
You should direct this question by phone to the NCL Reservations Department at the number shown on this web page. Their answer likely will be that you may not bring milk on board, since whole milk already is available on the ship, but you should check directly with NCL to be certain.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-02-03

Are there any bingo games on Pride of America?

Asked by: LEISAHEALY11
They have bingo on all the other NCL ships, but i do not recall seeing it on the PoA. There isn't a casino because of gambling regulations in U.S. waters, so it is likely that bingo also is prohibited on board.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-01-16

Is there a hair dryer in stseroom 9054

Asked by: Puckabr
Yes, every stateroom includes a hair dryer. They usually are hard-wired at the dresser, not plugged in, so they cannot be moved to another part of the room.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-02-24


Asked by: JoJo7
The rules of this forum prohibit specific mention of prices, but we can say that the cost for laundry and dry cleaning is similar to what you might expect to pay at a first class hotel. There usually will be a special offer near the middle of the cruise when you can have all the clothing that you can fit into one bag laundered for a single low price (think Andrew Jackson).
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-01-10

Is free soda included in suites or should we purchase a soda package??

Asked by: RVankempen1959
Sodas are not free of charge on board, regardless of your stateroom category. You may purchase them individually and have them billed to your room account, or you can purchase the soda package or ultimate beverage package and not have to be concerned with additional charges. Unless you drink several sodas per day, it probably is more economical, although somewhat more cumbersome, to purchase them individually.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-03-17

Are the new release and featured movies on the TV in your room complimentary or pay per view?

Asked by: Coopie
There is a free movie channel on your stateroom TV. Some of the movies shown are recent releases, but many have been out for several years. You can get a movie schedule from the Guest Service desk to assist you in planning your movie viewing. There also is a selection of pay-per-view movies from which you can choose. These generally include more recently released movies. Passengers traveling in a Suite or the Haven also will find a DVD player connected to their stateroom TV. They can choose from a list of DVDs and their Butler will deliver them to their room at no charge. There are no DVD players in other staterooms, and there are no ports or inputs on the TV to allow you to plug in your own DVD player.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-03-28

What surrounds stateroom 8182 & is it noisy or more prone to sea sickness due to location? How far a walk to elevator?

Asked by: JoJo7
If you click on the "Deck Plans" tab above, you can see that your stateroom is located near the stern on the starboard side. It is about five cabins aft of the rear bank of elevators. You have other staterooms on all sides, above and below you, so you will not have a problem with noise from a kitchen or the pool deck.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2018-09-06

Are there any spa services, like massage, on this ship? I am on the 3/30 cruise

Asked by: clynsimpson
Yes, the Spa is located on Deck 12, aft. You can view the services offered by clicking on "What's on Board" above.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-03-28

Is room 10528 ocean side or island side?

Asked by: kelbull
Your stateroom is on the port, or left side of the ship. It is not possible to know in advance which side will face the land and which will face the water, however. That decision is made by the captain based upon the tide, the presence of other ships, the advice of the harbor pilot, and other factors. It could vary from one port to the next or from one cruise to the next.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-07-02

I need the use of a handicap scooter, Can it be ferried to shore for siteseeing

Asked by: Rivaboatbob
Both of my parents used scooters when on the ship. I rented them and had them delivered to the cabin. They just rode them off of the ship when we went ashore and rode them back onto the ship when we were ready to return.
Answered by: JGCT
Date published: 2019-07-13

Dinner Seating for Groups

We will be a party of 8, will there be any issues with trying to get seating for 8 in complimentary dining rooms?
Asked by: CC66
You may need to wait briefly while the staff sets up your table, since most of the tables are set for four guests.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-04-08

Does suite 13506 have a Murphy bed as well as a pull out sofa

Asked by: Wendypersinger
Room 13508 is a category SE Suite. According to the floor plan for this type of room, there does not appear to be any bed other than the primary bed and the sofa.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-03-27

Is a electrical step down transformer and adapter needed for cabin 9164?

Asked by: saphire
Each cabin has a combination of US standard 110 volt and European standard 220 volt outlets. There usually are only one or two per cabin, and they usually are located at the dressing table, which is near the foot of the bed. If you need to plug in several devices at the same time, or need to plug in something at the head of the bed, you should plan to bring an extension cord with you, but neither a transformer nor an adapter are needed to use US standard 110 volt devices.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2018-10-02

Are the safes large enough to fit a laptop?

Asked by: Kcraze
Unfortunately, no. They are neither deep enough nor wide enough for most laptop computers. We have been on more than 20 NCL cruises with a laptop, however, and have never had a problem leaving ours on a shelf.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-03-30

Today is 5/19/19. I asked a question on 5/9/19 and it still shows as no answer. How long does it normally take for a response?

Asked by: OhioTourist
This is a passenger-to-passenger forum, so the responses here are offered by other passengers like yourself. Each of us answers in our spare time. Sometimes work, or even travel, gets in the way of our ability to respond in a timely manner.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-06-12

What travel documents do I need to embark the pride of america? Passport? DL?

Asked by: Avalexos
Since Pride of America stays in America, if you're an American citizen, you only need your driver's license. Passport not required!
Answered by: PenguinReagan
Date published: 2019-01-20

what time does onboard process begin?

I am trying to arrange airfare from New Orleans to Hawaii for the cruise. I would like to know what the earliest my party will be able to board the ship so that I can explore my flight options.
Asked by: Deja
The check-in process begins about 11:30 AM and continues until about 5:00 PM. The actual boarding process starts about noon and continues until shortly after 5:00. You can log in to your "My NCL" account to see what check-in time you have been assigned. NCL tries to avoid long lines at check-in by scheduling passengers to arrive over a period of several hours. The check-in times usually are not rigidly enforced, but are suggested in an effort to avoid overcrowding at the terminal.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2018-08-06

Is seasick common on this cruise?

We will be cruising the week of May of this year. Had a horrible experience with sea sickness on an Alaskan cruise and am now nervous about experiencing that again.
Asked by: CC66
There really is no reason that this cruise should have any more difficulties with rough seas than any other. If you are prone to sea sickness, however, you probably should take precautions and carry medication with you.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-04-08

Is there a refrigerator in stateroom.. can I bring my own alcohol on board?

Asked by: Jmg793
All staterooms have refrigerators. The only alcohol you may bring aboard is wine, and that's subject to a corkage fee of $15/bottle ($30 for a magnum). See the link below for details.
Answered by: bstu19
Date published: 2018-10-28

Is there Pickleball and/or tennis on this ship?

Asked by: Pbplayer
There is a sports court which can be configured for several different activities, including tennis and similar games. Most of the time, though, it is used for basketball.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-01-08

Liquor Package

Is there a daily liquor package available for purchase during the cruise around Hawaii on the Pride of America's boat?
Asked by: JT1978
The Pride of America operates under different rules than the other ships in the NCL fleet. There are no beverage packages available, so you must purchase each drink separately.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-02-20

what is the best side of the ship to be on when cruising to hawaii from Ft. lauderdale?

what is the noise level in cabin 10602? there are restaurants and the pool above on deck 11.
Asked by: YolyB
Your room is directly below a bar, so it is likely that you will hear noise overhead from early evening until late at night. The side of the ship that is turned toward the dock can vary from one port to another or from one cruise to the next, so there really is no way to predict which side would be preferable.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-01-16

What is the capacity of each lifeboat on Pride of America?

Asked by: Firsttimer111
There are several sizes of lifeboats, ranging up to about 200 passengers on each. The combined capacity of all the lifeboats is greater than the total number of passengers plus crew members.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-01-23

What time do we have to disembark on the last day?

Our flight does not take off until 5 pm. we need to know how long we can hang out on the ship on Disembarkment day
Asked by: Beave
You'll need to be off the ship much earlier than that, probably by 10:00 AM at the latest. NCL offers a shore excursion tour of Honolulu and Pearl Harbor which ends at the airport. You may want to consider that to fill your day until your flight time.
Answered by: TravelingMan
Date published: 2019-02-22
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