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Kreuzfahrt nach Twofold Bay

Eden, Australien

Kreuzfahrt nach Twofold Bay


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Cruise a twin-hulled catamaran through Twofold Bay, following the beautiful coastline blanketed with forests and dotted with historical buildings.

After a brief walk along the pier, you will board a sleek, twin-hulled catamaran and begin a leisurely cruise through Twofold Bay, one of the deepest natural harbors in the Southern hemisphere. British explorer George Bass named the bay for the two distinct curves or folds in the shoreline.

While cruising, you’ll learn about the history of Eden and Twofold Bay’s vital role in the development of the area. Because of the ideal conditions, the bay was home to numerous whaling stations in the 19th century. Whales are still so prevalent that these waters are known as the Humpback Highway, a reference to the thousands of humpback whales that pass by between September and November on the way to Antarctica.

Controversial entrepreneur Benjamin Boyd was also influential, as he built a church and an inn here before mysteriously disappearing while hunting ducks. Boyd also commissioned a lighthouse to be constructed, but it was only used for whale spotting after his death. Its tower still stands in Ben Boyd National Park overlooking Twofold Bay’s southern coastline.

You may also spot the Davidson Whaling Station where the Towamba River flows into the bay. It was the longest-operating, shore-based whaling station in Australia and has great historical significance. After nearly two hours on the water, you will return to the pier.

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