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Schlauchboottour entlang der Küste der Bay of Fundy

Saint John, Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick

Schlauchboottour entlang der Küste der Bay of Fundy


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Ride in a Zodiac boat along the beautiful coast of the Bay of Fundy and then see the wonders from a different perspective by driving through parkland and pausing at the beach.

After departing from the pier, you will settle in for a relaxing and immensely scenic drive to St. Martins, a lovely coastal village settled in 1783. After boarding a Zodiac boat, you will begin cruising along the longest stretch of coastal wilderness on the eastern seaboard.

You will see caves that the world’s highest tides have carved out of the red sandstone cliffs, forests growing right to the water’s edge, and one gorgeous beach after another. This part of the bay is so environmentally and geologically unique that UNESCO has designated it a Biosphere Reserve worthy of being preserved in its natural state.

After more than an hour at sea, you will then see this natural wonderland from a different perspective by driving the parkway that hugs the coast. Along the way, a guide will enlighten you regarding the area’s shipbuilding and logging history.

While stopping at Long Beach, you will learn fascinating details about the wildly fluctuating tides. At low tide, the sea recedes about 1,600 feet (more than five football fields in length!), exposing huge stretches of the ocean floor.

On the return to Saint John, you will stop in St. Martins, a lovely coastal village settled in 1783. The lighthouse, fishing boats and twin covered bridges show how life here revolves around the water.

Need to Know:

Note: This tour includes approximately 2 hours of walking and/or standing. It is not available to wheelchair guests. Those with mobility concerns are cautioned to evaluate their personal level of stamina and ability. Guests who suffer from motion sickness may wish to take pre-emptive measures. Warm weather-appropriate, layered clothing; a waterproof jacket and flat, comfortable walking shoes with a non-slip sole are suggested. Guests will be provided with Personal Flotation Devices for the zodiac boat ride. Depending on the weather, guests may also be given a full float suit to wear. This tour is tide dependent.

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