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Komodo Dragons

Komodo, Indonesia

Komodo Dragons


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Explore Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a world-renowned great wildlife island. It's the desolate domain of a fierce and very rare species of reptile that bears the looks of a prehistoric dinosaur, the Komodo dragon. Once on shore, you'll meet your local tour guide to begin a walking expedition of the island. Traveling in small groups with your guide and park ranger, you'll make your way down footpaths that lead through pockets of thorny vegetation and dry tropical grasslands, senses heightened with anticipation that the dragons will make an appearance.

This first-hand look at Komodo will also serve to acquaint you with the other notable species that inhabit the island as well as the rich surrounding marine environment. Informative commentary will be provided by your expert guides as you navigate this utterly unique locale.

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Tour involves approximately 1 1/2 hours of moderate to strenuous walking over, at times, muddy and dirt paths. Total duration can vary and is dependent on the location of the Komodo Dragons and the pace of the participants.

Wear a cap, sun-protective clothing, sunscreen and comfortable, easily cleaned walking shoes. It is also suggested that a plastic bag be brought along for items you do not wish to get wet in the event of a sudden tropical downpour, which can be a common occurrence. Komodo dragon sightings, although likely, cannot be guaranteed.

IMPORTANT: Due to National Park safety regulations, only guests on tour are allowed ashore, no independent guests are permitted. Guests on tour need to stay with their group at all times and are asked not carry or wear any RED items. Do not attempt to get close to, or feed the dragons. As Komodo Dragons are easily attracted to blood, guests with any type of open wounds or bleeding are encouraged to stay onboard.

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