Frequently Asked Questions General WHAT IS THE COST? The Norwegian Cruise Line BookSafe Travel Protection Plan is available starting at $29 per person, depending on the cruise fare paid. WHEN CAN I BUY BOOKSAFE? The BookSafe plan cost may be paid at any time from deposit up to and including final payment; however, trip cancellation coverage takes effect only upon payment of your Travel Protection cost. All other coverage is effective upon your departure for your trip. Payment of your cruise fare deposit without BookSafe Travel Protection will not activate your coverage. WHO WILL HELP ME WHEN I NEED IT? On Call International services the plan’s 24-hour hotline for help with lost documents, cash transfers and other travel-related emergencies. WHAT IF I HAVE TO CANCEL FOR A NON-COVERED REASON? Norwegian Cruise Line will provide guests who are denied due to a non-covered reason with a future cruise credit equal to 75% of the non-refundable cancellation charge to use on your next cruise with us. For guests who upgrade to BookSafe Platinum Protection, this credit is increased to 90% of the non-refundable cancellation charge. Important note: Cruise credits cannot be applied to government taxes and fees, air add-ons, land packages, travel protection, Shore Excursions, gratuities, incidentals, or any purchases of a personal nature. They are non-transferrable and may not be combined with other cruise credit certificates or fare reduction coupons. Trip Cancellation and Trip Delay WHAT HAPPENS IF I HAVE TO CANCEL MY TRIP? If something comes up and you can’t go, due to one of the covered reasons listed in the plan, you get your money back. If it’s not a covered reason and your cancellation claim is denied, you get an Norwegian Cruise Line future cruise credit certificate that you can apply toward a new booking. It’s that simple. WHAT HAPPENS IF MY FLIGHT IS DELAYED AND THE SHIP SAILS WITHOUT ME? Get up to $500 toward additional accommodations, meals and catch up transportation expenses if you are delayed due to inclement weather, strike, mechanical failure and other reasons as cited in the BookSafe Travel Protection Plan. WHAT HAPPENS IF AN ACT OF GOD OCCURS? If your home is made uninhabitable due to fire, flood, volcano, earthquake, hurricane or other natural disaster, the plan provides Trip Cancellation/Interruption coverage should you need to cancel or interrupt your trip. If “acts of God” such as inclement weather occur and you are delayed in starting your trip, the plan reimburses up to $500 under Trip Delay for additional meals, lodging and transportation expenses to catch up to your cruise. WHAT ABOUT MY AIR AND HOTEL? If your air and/or hotel is arranged by Norwegian Cruise Line, it’s covered under BookSafe. Baggage Protection WHAT HAPPENS IF MY BAGS TAKE A DETOUR? Get up to $1,500 for lost, stolen or damaged luggage and personal property brought with you on your cruise holiday, and up to $750 if your checked luggage is delayed by a Common Carrier for 24 hours or longer. Note that benefits provided are less any amount paid or payable from any coverage provided by a Common Carrier and/or insurance specifically insuring the lost, stolen or damaged item(s). For insured guests who upgrade to BookSafe Platinum Travel Protection, baggage/personal effects coverage is increased to $3,000 per insured. Medical Emergencies WHAT HAPPENS IF I GET SICK OR GET HURT? BookSafe reimburses up to $10,000 in medical expenses-for an illness or injury that occurs during your trip. Benefits are provided for up to one year from the date of your illness, injury and are secondary to any primary and/or supplemental medical insurance you may have. For insured guests who upgrade to BookSafe Platinum Travel Protection, medical expense coverage is increased to $20,000 per insured. WHO PAYS FOR THE EMERGENCY MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION? In the event of a medical emergency requiring your emergency transportation to the nearest treating facility, the plan provides up to $25,000 coverage. For insured guests who upgrade to BookSafe Platinum Travel Protection, emergency medical transportation coverage is increased to $50,000. Job Loss Coverage WHAT HAPPENS IF I LOSE MY JOB? If an insured guest involuntarily loses their job, as long as the guest has been an active employee at the same company for at least one year prior to termination, and termination occurs after the plan has been purchased, the plan provides coverage for cancellation. Please note the plan provides other reasons for cancellation/interruption coverage, so please review the BookSafe Travel Protection Plan for details. HOW DO I APPLY FOR REIMBURSEMENT IF I LOSE MY JOB? The process is the same as with all other claims under the plan. Should you need to file a claim and you have purchased BookSafe, contact Berkely for a claim form. Berkely will advise of the documentation required along with your completed claim form. Upon receipt of your claim form and supporting documentation, Berkely will review your claim; and if approved, will send out a refund check.
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