Water Packages

Hydrate yourself! Pre-order water packages that will be delivered directly to your stateroom for the duration of your cruise and save up to 60%. Norwegian Cruise Line has recently partnered with JUST® Goods, Inc. and replaced all single-use plastic bottles across the fleet with Just Water. JUST takes an innovative approach to sourcing and packaging the world's most valued resource - water. La revolucionaria compañía se enfoca en un modelo de impacto, en el que se tiene en cuenta la procedencia del agua y el modo de envasarla. JUST es 100% agua de manantial envasada en cajas de cartón ecológicas. The carton is made of 82% renewable materials - the paper carton is made from trees grown in responsibly-managed forests and the cap and shoulder are made from a sugarcane-based plastic. Es recargable y reciclable.

Water Packages
Envase de Just Water de 6 litro $19.95
Envase de Just Water de 12 litro $34.95
Envase de Just Water de 24 litro $49.95









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