11:50 AM

Fuel & Energy Efficiency


To mitigate actions that may negatively impact our climate and reduce our impact on the environment and the oceans, we have put in place several initiatives aimed at lowering energy consumption and therefore reducing our carbon footprint.

  • Exhaust Gas Cleaning System – 11 of our ships are equipped with this innovative technology that reduces the amount of sulfur oxide (SOx) by up to 99%.
  • Cold-Ironing – 35% of our fleet is equipped with shore power technology to connect the ship to electrical power while in port where applicable infrastructure is in place.
  • Energy saving – More than 10% on propulsion power is saved due to propulsion hydro dynamic upgrades and low friction silicone paint being applied on the hull.
  • Waste Heat Recovery: This process works by recovering heat from the engines and transferring it to freshwater piping—allowing us to utilize a free source of energy for improving water production and saving fuel.
  • We have joined an industry commitment to reduce the carbon emissions rate across the aggregate industry fleet by 40% by 2030