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Below are instructions and frequently asked questions for redeeming and using your Future Cruise Credits.  We thank you for your continued loyalty to Norwegian Cruise Line.

Easy Steps to Use Your Future Cruise Credits


Log In and Find FCCs Listed on My Account Page

Go to the "My Account" section of MyNCL, and you'll see your available FCCs in the My Coupons & Credits section. If you don't know your Log In name or password, call the number above and we'll help you with your credentials.


Explore, Plan and Book Your Cruise

Use the cruise search filters on NCL.COM to find the perfect cruise.

Note: Suspended Sailings and Peace of Mind FCCs are valid for sailings through 12/31/2025.


Use FCCs to Pay For Your Cruise

When you get to the "Payment Page" of booking, choose "My Coupons and Credits" from the Payment Type pull down menu. Use your FCCs as payment first. Some FCCs are combinable.


What can the insurance FCC be used for?

Insurance FCCs can only be applied to a new reservation where Essentials, Booksafe Standard or Platinum Travel protection has been added. If one of the available insurance plans is not added to the reservation, the FCC will be removed from payment.

How may I request a refund of my Future Cruise Credit?

To offer our guests even more flexibility for future holiday planning, some who hold outstanding previously issued Future Cruise Credits (FCC) may now submit a request to convert their FCC to a monetary refund. Guests who elect to request their FCC for a monetary refund will receive the original cruise fare paid back to their original form of payment and forfeit any bonus FCCs attached to their Latitudes profile.

Applicability to convert an existing FCC to a monetary refund request may be submitted for one of the following reasons:

  • A guest has been affected by one or more suspensions
  • Guest elected to cancel via our Peace of Mind (POM) policy and the sailing did not take place as a result of our suspension of voyages
  • A guest is unable to meet any vaccination requirements. Should your credits be applied to an active reservation, the refund amount will be subject to Norwegian's cancelation fee policy communicated to our guests at the time of booking and may be found on our website
  • An active and existing FCC is attached to a profile of a guest who has passed away

Any guest affected by one of the above, wishing to request a monetary refund (of their original cruise fare paid and in lieu of their active FCC, including bonus amounts) must submit a refund request via the Guest Relations Case Submission page at

Special Notes
  1. All guests who complete an online submission request (requesting to convert active FCCs to a monetary refund) agree that they are authorised to do so on behalf of all persons on the reservation as we are unable to issue partial refunds. In addition, they agree they are authorised to remove the value of any bonus future cruise credits offered by Norwegian Cruise Line for all guests.
  2. Upon submission of the online request, an email will be sent to the email address entered on the form with a response and case number.
  3. As we anticipate high volumes of enquiries, we kindly ask for your patience and allow up to 30 days for the review process to be completed. Each submission request will be individually handled and responded to.
  4. Exclusions may apply, but are not limited to, one of the following:
    1. An FCC has been fully or partially transferred.
    2. The current FCC holder is not the original FCC recipient.
    3. A credit card dispute was filed for the charges.
    4. The FCC is applied to an active and existing reservation.
    5. The FCC has been partially applied to an active and existing reservation.
  5. If a refund is approved, all FCCs (including Bonus FCCs) will be deactivated, and a refund will be issued back to the original form of payment, within 90 days from the request submission date.
  6. Any existing 10% Future Cruise Discounts will remain active and available for use on future bookings.
  7. For guests who are no longer able to travel as a result of an official announcement by a government or agency that takes place within 14 days of sailing (when Peace of Mind is no longer available), and the mandate states guests are NOT allowed to travel, then a refund would be available. If the new mandate is a significant inconvenience to the guest, i.e. a new quarantine requirement upon return from travel (but not a travel ban), then an FCC would be offered.
    1. Only new government or agency mandates would be considered. Anything in place already since April 2021 would not allow the guest to cancel and receive the above.
Are FCCs transferrable?

Yes. In order to transfer an FCC, and in an effort for us to best assist you quickly, please follow the instructions below:

  • Submit your FCC Transfer Request Here:
    • Include the following information in the comments field:
      • Completed FCC transfer request information as listed below. You may include multiple requests on one case so long as the request is complete and proper consent from current coupon owner is included (either in an attached email or by the current owner being the one to submit the case)
      • Booking Advisor Name:
      • Original Peace of Mind or Suspended Sailing reservation number that generated the FCC being transferred
      • Client ID and name of Current FCC Owner who is authorising the transfer
      • Client ID and name of Guest Receiving the FCC
      • FCC Coupon numbers
    • Case submission to also Include:
      • Attachment of email from current FCC owner authorising transfer.
        (*Note: Failure to include will result in the transfer request being denied.)

Example Transfer Request:



Booking Advisor Name

John Smith

POM or Suspended Sailing reservation number that generated the FCC being transferred:


Client ID of Current FCC Owner


Client ID of Guest Receiving FCC


FCC Coupon Number(s):


    • Please allow up to 7 working days for the transfer request to be completed.
    • Only the entire and full original value of Peace of Mind and suspended sailing FCCs worth 100% of the fare paid, as well as the bonus 25% or 50% FCCs, are eligible for transfer.
      • Partial value transfers or transfers of remaining FCC balance are not permitted.
    • An email from the current FCC owner requesting the transfer to be made must be included when submitting the transfer request via
    • Insurance FCCs and 10% bonus FCCs are not transferrable
    • Once the transfer takes place, the receiving guest is now the owner and the previous owner cannot request a transfer back.
    • Only one transfer or exchange of ownership will be allowed per FCC. This is applicable to Peace of Mind and suspended sailings FCCs, including 25% and 50% credit FCCs issued for suspended sailings.
      • The only exception is if the current owner is requesting to transfer back to the original owner that the FCC was issued to.
    • Once the transfer is completed, a confirmation email will be sent to the email provided at time of case submission. At that time, the receiving guest will be able to apply the coupon to the desired reservation.
I am booked on a Sixthman full ship chartered cruise, can I use an FCC?

Policies for Sixthman full-ship charters may differ. Please contact Sixthman directly.

What protocols have been implemented to address COVID-19?

As government regulations evolve, our health and safety protocols will evolve as needed to ensure compliance. This may mean different protocols from ship to ship based on local state or port requirements or in an abundance of caution to keep our guests and crew as safe as possible. For up-to-the-minute details on vaccination requirements, testing protocols, and health and safety procedures visit

IMPORTANT: To learn more about how to prepare your clients for sailing please visit the pre-cruise requirements page at for all required documents and protocols. As government regulations evolve, our health and safety protocols will evolve as needed to ensure compliance. This may mean different protocols from ship to ship based on local requirements. For additional information, please visit

To what reservations does the Peace of Mind policy apply?

FCCs can be applied to both individual and group bookings. Charters are excluded.

* Peace of mind is only applicable to bookings that have payment applied as per terms and conditions.

Still have questions? Contact Guest Services.
00800 0310 21 21