Nuku Hiva

French Polynesia

Cruises to Nuku Hiva

Stepping onto the volcanic island of Nuku Hiva will feel like journeying back in time. On the second largest island in French Polynesia, it's not uncommon to see locals pass through town on horseback. Ancient ruins of homes are scattered throughout the lush forest, and open-air gathering places (tohua) and sacred statues (tiki) dot the sparsely populated island. Steep basaltic cliffs rise from the ocean. Dramatic waterfalls feed into fertile valleys. Serene beaches beckon to weary explorers. Discover the stunning landscape by horseback or on foot along memorable hiking trails. Unleash your inner explorer whilst touring incredible archeological sites and then embark on a whale watching or dolphin tour.


  • Port Name & Location
    Taiohae Nuku Hiva Cruise Port
  • Time Zone
    MART Markesas Time UTC/GMT -9.30 hours
  • Language
    French and Tahitian are the official languages
  • Currency & Shopping
    French Polynesian Collective Franc (CFP) is the local currency
    • Best Way to Get Around
      Organised shore excursions.
    • Famous For
      Hiva Oa is a majestic and historic island known for it’s wild, untamed landscape, giant stone tiki and for being the final resting place of poet Jacques Brel and artist Paul Gauguin.
    • Fun Fact #1
      Be sure to visit Anaho Bay for it's pristine white sand beach, surrounded by palm, mango and breadfruit trees with beautiful blue waters for snorkelling.
    • Fun Fact #2
      Visit the entrancing Vaipo Waterfalls and Cascade Tevaipo, which is one of the world’s tallest waterfalls at over 1,100 feet.


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Kahului (Maui); Hilo (Hawaii); Nawiliwili (Kauai); Nuku Hiva (French Polynesia); Moorea (French Polynesia); Bora Bora (French Polynesia);
DISEMBARK Papeete (Tahiti);
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