Kyoto (Osaka)


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Cradled by rolling hills on three sides, Kyoto is considered the historical and cultural epicenter of the country. The city was Japan's capital for more than 1,000 years (794 - 1868) and approximately 1,600 Buddhist temples and more than 400 Shintō shrines are peppered throughout the city. From numerous historic sites and tranquil gardens to delicious local cuisine and boutique shopping, Kyoto offers you a window into the heart of Japan's traditions and culture.


  • Port Name & Location
    Port of Osaka (Tempozan Wharf-3 1-chome, Kaigan-dori, Minato-ku, Osaka) Your ship will DOCK at this port.
  • Time Zone
    JST (Japan Standard Time) UTC/GMT + 9 hours
  • Language
    Japanese is the official language. For thank you, say "arigatou gozaimasu" and "dou itashimashite" is you're welcome. Hello is "konnichiwa" and for please, say "onegai shimasu."
  • Currency & Shopping
    Local currency is the Japanes Yen (JPY). Downtown Kyoto is home to several large department stores, plentiful small shops and the famous Nishiki Market - the city's largest traditional food market where you get a taste of local life.
    • Famous For
      Kyoto is famous for its gardens, numerous Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines and imperial palaces, along with maintaining some of the country’s old traditions.
    • Fun Fact #1
      Perched on a hill overlooking the city, Kiyomizu-dera is an ancient Buddhist temple and one of Kyoto’s most famous attractions.
    • Fun Fact #2
      Considered one of Japan’s most important Shinto shrines, Fushimi Inari-Taisha is located in southern Kyoto and is famous for its thousands of vermilion torii gates spanning mountain trails.
    • Fun Fact: Landmarks
      Constructed in 1603 as the official residence of the first Tokugawa shogun, Ieyasu, Nijō-jō is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The historic castle consists of multiple buildings and meticulously landscaped gardens peppered with hundreds of cherry trees.


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