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Peruvian Gems – Larco & Gold Museums

Lima (Callao), Peru

Peruvian Gems – Larco & Gold Museums


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Archaeologists are still accumulating evidence that represents all of the many ancient cultures of Peru, their relationships to each other and the reasons for their decline from power. Today you’ll visit two of Lima’s outstanding museums which will acquaint you with some of these cultures. Drive through residential districts of Lima to visit the renowned Gold Museum, containing a dazzling collection of pre-Inca and Inca gold jewelry and ceremonial objects. Admire its priceless pre-Columbian gold artifacts such as the very interesting golden mask from the Lambayeque culture.

The museum also houses an extensive exhibition of army weapons and uniforms, with some 10,000 weapons of the15th and 16th Century. Visit the Rafael Larco Herrera Museum, housed in an 18th-century colonial mansion. Its immense and invaluable collection of pottery has been assembled from all of the known Peruvian cultures. There is a small cactus garden, and a separate room with an extensive collection of erotic pottery art. An exhibit of textiles made from feathers, and a Paracas weaving that contains 398 threads to the linear inch – possibly a world record – rounds out this collection.

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Note: Cameras are not permitted in the museums.

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