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Wildlife Safari & Beach Bonfire

Ketchikan (Ward Cove), Alaska

Wildlife Safari & Beach Bonfire


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Cruise into the sheltered waters of the Inside Passage looking for whales, porpoise and other Alaskan wildlife, and then pull up to a forested island to feast around a bonfire. There is no telling what you may see as the captain navigates the boat into remote coves and around forested islands. Humpback whales are often spotted, even close to shore, and the sight is mesmerizing. Two other types of cetaceans – orcas and Dall’s porpoise – are also commonly seen. Orcas tend to travel in large groups. Dall’s porpoise can easily be identified by their distinct rooster-tail splash when traveling quickly just below the water’s surface. This wildlife safari includes a stop on secluded Annette Island for a classic Alaskan meal of reindeer-sausage hot dogs, kettle chips and salmonberry jam. Leave room for a dessert of s’mores around a roaring bonfire. Chances are, there will be time for an enlightening trail walk through the island’s old-growth forest. You will be dropped off in downtown Ketchikan where you can explore and shop before hopping on a free shuttle back to the ship.

Need to Know:

Note: Wildlife is frequent, but not guaranteed. All guests should be able to navigate a 5-rung ladder and be able to navigate tide variable ramps and stairways. This tour is not suitable for guests with limited mobility or for guests using assistive devices including wheelchairs and walkers. Wear warm layers and comfortable walking shoes. Guests who go ashore do so with the understanding that they will be mixing with members of the general public. This tour starts at Ward Cove and ends in downtown Ketchikan. Guests will take the free shuttles back to Ward Cove to return to the cruise ship.

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