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Dune Buggy Adventure

Pisco, Peru

Dune Buggy Adventure


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Experience the Peruvian desert dunes in the most exciting way – on a thrill ride over the sand in a customized dune buggy. You’ll travel by air-conditioned coach to your starting point for your pre-ride orientation and safety briefing from your guide as not all drivers speak English. Then it’s time to take your armchair-style seat in the buggy, strap in, and hold on. This tour is for the more adventurous guest wishing to experience the dunes in a very exciting way. The machines have been completely redesigned for light weight and stability, enabling your driver to steer them through tight turns and fly down the sides of massive dunes that can top out at 400 feet. You’ll stop for photos to prove you were here, and at another point try out your sandboarding skills. Needless to say, this is a tour for the bold. And those who participate will be amply rewarded for their adventurousness.

• Travel by air-conditioned coach to a perfect spot for dune exploring along the Peruvian desert coast.
• Strap into your armchair seat in a customized buggy designed for max stability and maneuverability.
• Hang on tight on as your driver zips you up, over, around and through the sand mountains.
• Scale dune up to 400 feet high, capture show-off pictures of your exploits, and try your hand – and feet – at sandboarding.

• Wear layered, weather-appropriate clothing; a windbreaker is suggested.
• Sneakers are recommended.
• Bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen as needed.

Need to Know:

Note: Women who could be pregnant or guests with back or neck problems may not participate in this tour. Minimum age is 18 years old and a liability waiver must be signed. The capacity of the dune buggy is weight dependent.  

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