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Parc national d'Acadia et promenade en calèche

Bar Harbor, Maine

Parc national d'Acadia et promenade en calèche


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One aspect of Acadia National Park that never fails to impress and fascinate visitors is the 57 miles of rustic carriage roads, which weave through the park. After a short drive along a portion of the Park Loop Road, travel back in time to the turn of the century as you board your 15 passenger horse drawn carriage for an approximately one-hour scenic ride along the famous Carriage Trails around Day Mountain. Built by philanthropist John D. Rockefeller Jr. between 1913 and 1940, the beautifully designed gravel byways afford a unique and close-up view of the Acadia National Park landscape.

Made of hand-cut stone and rock, the extensive motor-free trails are enjoyed today by hikers, bicyclists, horse riders and carriages. Weather permitting, continue along the Park Loop Road, making your way to the 1,530-foot (466 meters) Cadillac Mountain, highest point on North America’s Eastern seaboard. With a 360 degree panoramic view, you'll see how glaciers carved through the granite cliffs to form a beautiful landscape of lush forest, lakes and valleys.

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Note: This tour is not offered on all sailings. Walking is at your discretion. Most surfaces are paved but there are some uneven, slippery-when-wet areas and some steps. If weather and traffic conditions dictate, Cadillac Mountain will be substituted with another scenic stop. The tour sequence may vary to avoid congestion.

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