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Scenic Landscapes & Cider Tasting

Eidfjord, Norvège

Scenic Landscapes & Cider Tasting


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Admire the staggeringly beautiful countryside during a leisurely drive to the Hardanger Juice & Cider Factory near Ulvik. The drive alone will be captivating, as you will enjoy endless views of the majestic mountains, deep valleys and steep-walled fjords so emblematic of this region. Ulvik nestles in the heart of Norway’s only fruit-and-cider route, and you will see plenty of orchards along the way. They thrive in the protective landscape and benefit from the long summer days in the region’s relatively mild microclimate. A behind-the-scenes tour of an apple press and distillery will reveal how juice, cider and apple brandy are traditionally produced in the Hardangerfjord area. Each cider farm has its own approach to processing apples to give the various beverages unique flavors, which you will discover firsthand during a tasting. More phenomenal scenery awaits you afterwards, as you will see Hardangerjokulen, one of the largest glaciers in Norway.

• Drive through the majestic mountains north of Eidfjord and into a valley of fruit orchards.
• Enjoy a behind-the-scenes factory tour of how apple juice, cider and brandy are produced.
• Sample various fruit-based beverages to understand how the processing affects the tastes.

Need to Know:

Note: This tour includes approximately 1 hour of walking. It is available to guests with limited mobility who utilize a collapsible wheelchair, can make their way on and off the coach and have a companion to assist them. Dress in weather-appropriate clothing. Wear flat comfortable walking shoes.

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