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Walking Tour Of Upper Rock

Gibraltar, Royaume-Uni

Walking Tour Of Upper Rock


  • 3.5 heures

Begin with a short transfer to the cable car station for the scenic ride to the top of the Rock; it's only a short ride, but the panorama opening out before you is sufficiently breathtaking to make you forget you are suspended in mid-air. Enjoy scenic views of Catalan Bay, before striding along a wooded path to St. Michael's Cave to admire what was a source of wonderment even in Roman times. Neolithic inhabitants are known to have lived here much earlier.

From here, you will proceed towards the home of Gibraltar's most respected residents, the "Barbary Apes", where you will have an opportunity to photograph these playful macaques. Continue on to Princess Caroline's Battery and the entrance to the Upper Galleries. This labyrinth of tunnels inside the Rock includes the Great Siege Tunnels. They represent arguably the most impressive defensive system devised by man. Excavated during the Great Siege of 1779-83, they allowed the mounting of gun emplacements along the north face of the rock towards enemy positions.

Your tour concludes with a transfer back to the pier, passing the Tower of Homage of the Moorish Castle, the duty-free shopping area and Main Street. A stop will be made for those guests who wish to remain in town for shopping or independent exploration.

Need to Know:

Note: This tour includes a significant amount of walking over uneven surfaces and there are numerous steps to negotiate. It is not available to wheelchair guests or those guests with mobility concerns. Casual clothes, comfortable flat walking shoes, a hat and sunglasses are suggested. Guests who elect to stay in town will be responsible for making their own way back to the pier.

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