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Visite de Geiranger

Hellesylt, Norvège

Visite de Geiranger


  • 8 heures
  • Repas

This tour takes you through the lovely scenery of western Norway - farmland, surrounded by towering mountains and dotted with lakes. Lake Hornindalsvatn is well stocked with trout and is the deepest lake in northern Europe. Continue along the lake towards the Nord Fjord and to the village of Stryn following the river up the valley, you’ll drive along the emerald colored Lake Stryn.

Your coach will ascend up the narrow valley to the Stryn Mountains on a road that opened in 1895, built for horse-drawn vehicles. After enjoying lunch at a local hotel, you’ll drive across the mountain plateau, headed to Mount Dalsnibba. Your coach climbs up the winding mountain road offering an ever-changing kaleidoscope of mountain farms, waterfalls, lakes and rivers.

From Lake Djupvatn you’ll ascend the hairpin road to the summit of mount Dalsnibba, from where there is a spectacular view of the Geiranger Fjord far below and the magnificent mountain peaks. From the summit, nearly 5,000 feet/1,500 meters above sea level, you’ll carefully drive down the road to Djupvasshytta Mountain Lodge. From the Flydal gorge there is another view, the fjord below with your cruise ship anchored in the bay. Your tour ends at the pier in Geiranger.

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Visites de villes et panorama

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Les excursions associées à ce niveau d’activité comprennent des circuits pédestres sur des terrains plus ou moins plats, parfois pavés, graveleux ou encore ascendants. Des chaussures confortables sont recommandées.
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