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Glacier Mendenhall en hélicoptère et visite guidée à pied

Juneau, Alaska

Glacier Mendenhall en hélicoptère et visite guidée à pied


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Flying high above wetland habitat, Alpine ridges and lush rainforests, you’ll gain new appreciation for this rugged land as your pilot shares a lively narrative. As you approach the icefield and its many glaciers, you’ll marvel at the twisted spires, deep blue crevasses and carved peaks that make up this ancient landscape. Soaring even higher, you may pass the Mendenhall Towers jagged rock sentinels that climb more than 7,000 feet and the spectacular icefalls that overflow to form the Mendenhall Glacier.

View icefalls, spires, and the many hanging glaciers suspended on the surrounding mountainsides before a gentle landing on this slowly moving river of ice is made so that you can explore the glaciers’ surface with your expert glacier guide. See and understand how glaciers form, flow and carve out the landscape. Following your glacier landing, you’ll depart for a thrilling flight back to civilization. Flying over these icefields and the Mendenhall Glacier, you’ll know that you have just experienced something special, walking on water, viewing ancient sights and witnessing dramatic natural beauty in a way, few ever do.

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Note: Flight time is approximately 30 minutes, with an approximately 20-25 minute landing on the glacier. Time spent on the glacier may vary due to weather and glacial conditions. This tour operates under a special use permit issued by the U.S. Forest Service. Glacier boots are provided at the heliport. Due to security, no bags, ipads, tablets, purses, fanny packs, camera bags, diaper bags or GoPro extension poles are allowed on the flight.

Due to aircraft weight and balance limitations, the flight company charges an additional rate for passengers that weigh 250 lbs. or more. Space is capacity controlled, please call for assistance.

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